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Anxiety Free Living ....

mindset Aug 26, 2021

I am one to jump to anxiety and fear before faith and perseverance.   YEP. True story. 


I think we have been given this idea that we can get anxiety to go away.  That we can go forward in life without feeling anxiety again if we just master our minds enough.  Personally, I think this is HOGWASH.  Aren’t I a ray of sunshine J


Life is hard.  For every single person on this earth.  In no way are we promised to have an easy life.  Even if we pray hard enough, do the most good possible and save the turtles LIFE WILL BE HARD at times. We are NOT a weak human if that hard causes anxiety. 


What we CAN do with anxiety is realize it will come and go and we can learn to REST in the ANXIETY (that sounds silly doesn’t it). But knowing I can rest in anxiety gives me such peace and ability to keep moving forward.  It takes away the paralyzed inaction because I think I am weak. 


When we stay stuck in...

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I was missing out on doing things I wanted to do

transformation stories Aug 01, 2021

When I started my fitness level was non-existent. I never worked out and rarely even walked longer distances. It was hard to do just about everything, and I got winded so easily that I often opted to just not do activities I wanted to.
I have always been interested in nutrition, but never had the accountability, so rarely stayed on track with numerous diets and healthy eating plans I tried (and trust me, I tried them all).
I was beginning to have problems with my knees, and I would be in severe pain just after a normal day. I was missing out on doing things I wanted to do, because of my size and lack of any type of fitness. I was so concerned about my health that I was giving myself panic attacks over the possibilities of what might happen if I didn't make some changes. I was unhealthy and knew I was headed down a bad road, and was incredibly fed up with "missing out".
Additionally, there had been a series of events in late 2019 that made me come to the hard...
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It’s not just about weight loss

transformation stories Jul 12, 2021

Are you looking for ‘just a gym’ or are you looking for a place that has the potential to change your life?

The people at Tall Trainer have literally changed my life.  Yes, the nutrition lessons and exercise are critical, but it’s the support of like-minded people that has been life changing for me.  And it’s not just about weight loss

While physical health was my main reason for joining, I have found that the benefits related to overall health – including emotional, spiritual, relational, recreational, and financial health have been invaluable.

How could one place touch so many different areas of my life?  I am excited to share my journey, in hopes that it will help even one person make the decision to ‘just try it.’

I have struggled with chronic headaches and thyroid disease for many years and suffered from severe bouts of anxiety and depression even longer.   I was overweight and in constant pain. There...

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Fell into a slump...

transformation stories Jun 14, 2021


I’ve always been a thin female usually around 135# until I hit my late 30’s early 40’s where no matter I couldn’t get below 145. I joined Feb 9, 2021 with a weight loss goal of 45# just to be at 145 again. I am just .6 shy of that goal.

I have always enjoyed working out mainly because of stress and I LOVE food and certain beverages. Though I have an elliptical and a treadmill I found having the support through classes at gyms were indeed needed.

When I came to TT I had gained a good 45# prior. It was the combination of divorce and Covid that lead me to fall into a slump. However, when I reached 175# I started walking 8-10 miles a day but didn't change any other habits such as my increased drinking, grazing throughout the day or being active any other time.

My knees? Lol think you mean needs. With the weight gain over the past 2 years I noticed I was having leakage issues. So bad to the point I am having surgery to correct what gravity and weight gain...

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The First Day Without Bill

mindset Apr 19, 2021

[Written the day after William B. Foster of Fairport, NY passed away]

I woke up today for the first time in a world without Bill Foster. 

Bill married my grandmother the year after my parents married. 

He’s been in our family since well before I was born. Bill insisted that he be called “Bill.” He didn’t want to be grandpa or any other title.

Eventually, we settled on GrandBill. And for those great grandkids that had trouble with their B’s, GrandPill - which I think was his personal favorite.

He was such a sweet man who had lived a colored and interesting life. A life that was hellbent on his own personal destruction. For the first half anyway.

Bill was an alcoholic and if he had maintained his lifestyle there’s no doubt in my mind he would have been gone before age sixty. Probably before age fifty. At age 42 (?) he took his last drink.

He gave it up. And he gave it up for something beautiful. He gave it up to God. He gave it up for...

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Proof that Change is Possible

mindset weight loss Mar 20, 2021

This is Bill…


He’s my step grandpa.  Here he is playing my wife down the isle at our wedding. 


He’s dying…


Aren’t we all?  Yes.  But, he’s been told it’s terminal liver cancer. 


Jeremy, why are you sharing this?  It seems like a big downer. 


Because, I think his story will provide inspiration to us all that we CAN change!


The Story:

Bill has always been called Bill by us grandkids.  They were married before I was born.  In my heart he’s grandpa but we all call him bill because he didn’t see himself as a grandpa type perhaps. 


Before the blessed moment that he met and married my Grandma.  He was an alcoholic.  Not like a functional alcoholic either like a stumbling alcoholic.  The first 30-40 years of his life were a mess.  I’m sure on more than one occasion he said.  “This is just who I...

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I (Sarah) need to let you know something...

mindset Feb 03, 2021

I need to let you know something....


I gained weight back 3 times.  20-30 pounds after losing 60 lb.  I say this to you not ashamed or not to scare you but to offer you hope and to help you find grace in the journey if you are sitting in that spot right now. 


Here is an interesting little tid bit.  Did you know that RELAPSE is PART of RECOVERY!  Yep, truth.  You don’t just decide to change and boom you change.  It’s a process of highs and lows and boring in between.  Relapse is expected in the initial recovery period.  This does not make you a failure this makes you HUMAN.  No one starts something and the first time – ta-da you’re perfect at it.  Think of how many times a baby falls learning to walk.  Your journey towards health is a lot like that – you just have to keep getting back up.


THIS YEAR HAS BEEN HARD!  So much pain, loss,...

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I'm Smiling With My Eyes!

mindset Nov 25, 2020

We’re smiling with our eyes, can’t you tell. Super hard with a face-mask right! Trying to smile extra with your eyes is a new 2020 skill we are trying to master.

This season of life is challenging right now for sure. Last week Anna had a moment where she finally broke down. She has been a champ about this all but she broke! She finally could put into words what she was feeling. She confided that school is really hard because she doesn’t know if anyone likes her, if they think she is funny or fun to be around. She said “Mom, all I see is their eyes and I can’t tell if they smile at me or not. It’s hard to be in a room all day like that!” I can she her confidence start to struggle.

My heart went into a puddle for her. It was also one of those DANG IT, DANG, DANG IT moments for me. The moment you see your child struggle with the same thing you have struggled with for as long as you can remember and how badly I don’t want my child to feel...
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Big Fat Lie

The most common lie about Fat and Muscle in the fitness industry.

I hear this one so often I get angry that people are being lied to so regularly and I am embarrassed to be in an industry that still does this. 


Please watch the video below.  You'll be able to hear my tone as I explain this. 


I'm telling you this now because I came across a video selling some fitness program online.  It was by some Doctor who helped some of the Marvel characters get in great shape.  "Supposedly", I don't trust a word he said now.  His first two sentences were straight up lies!  I guess it was sentence two that was the biggest part of the lie. 


At Least watch 15 seconds of the video to see what I'm talking about. 

(I'll talk to you through there!  The visuals are worth it.)


If you are looking for our help please call 585-260-4235 or email [email protected].  

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2 Strategies to survive a storm - the grass and the oak

Uncategorized Aug 25, 2020

Two strategies to survive a storm. 


We had a wind storm last night.  We’ve had them before too.  We live on a hill so we HEAR it.  The power is pretty amazing for something you can’t see.  You can’t see the wind but you can see its effects.  We have another storm going on that you can’t see at least not with regular vision.  I wish I had virus vision.  That would be easier. 


I didn’t see this coming, I don’t think most of us did.  How can we weather the storm?  There two ways that I noticed in the wind blowing around us. 


The Grass


The grass survives every wind storm.  I don’t notice much grass blowing around.  It survives the storm because it is flexible.  When the wind blows it moves with it.  It bends down all the way to the ground.  Laying flat if necessary and the wind blows right over. 


That’s one strategy...

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