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Tall Trainer Began back in 2006 when I (Jeremy) moved back into the area after learning about the personal training field in Texas at an amazing hospital based fitness center (Hendrick Health Club).  

I got into training for 3 main reasons:

1.) My mother - She struggled with her weight and depression as I was growing up.  I saw how important and needed this kind of help was.  

2.) My Struggles - I was a poor athlete in High School and College.  I really had to work to be even remotely good, so I studied exercise.  But, the biggest challenge was rupturing my L5-S1 disc in my back at 22 years old.  I couldn't pick up a pen off the floor for at least 6-months.  I was doing things wrong and I wanted to prevent that for others or help them get out of that painful place.

3.) Honestly, I wanted to do something I enjoyed.  I Graduated High School thinking I would go into Chemical Engineering.  One year later it was accounting!  Then someone shared a question with me that has guided my last 18+ years.  "What would you do if money was no issue?  Do what you love in service to others, then figure out how to make a living at it."  I have done just that.  

Our Philosophy:

Safety First, then Results, and finally Fun

It is our goal to be the safest place you ever workout,  To provide consistent and dramatic results, and have as much fun as we can accomplishing the first two.  

Another part of our philosophy:

  • Move the way God designed us to move.
  • Eat the way God designed us to eat.
  • Strive for getting better not perfection.

Yes, this does mean we are Christian.  This does not mean you have to be one to workout with us.  Even if you are not a Christian, you can certainly marvel at the intricate design of the human body and recognize the fact there is probably a best way to use it and a best way to fuel it.  If you try to be perfect on this you will fail and give up.  We strive for improvement not perfection, since we will never be perfect.  

Our Mission Statement:

"Restore Bodies and Lives to the Glory of God"

We Believe:

We believe that a healthy strong body is a gateway to improvement in every other area of life.  Happier, More Energetic, Confident, Relaxed People are more productive at work, more patient and kind at home, and are more enjoyable to be around.  As these people shine, they inspire those around them to shine with them. 

Ideal Client:

Our Ideal client is like my Mom.  Well, basically my mom (remember I said that's one of my reasons why i went into this business).  Our program is designed for a 55 year old female.  We try to do most of our marketing and program design based on this.  Truthfully this is a great workout for EVERYONE.  We do have some fellas in here, but it is mostly female.  I am a 37 year old male and these workouts and program is exactly what I need too.  

Our clients have these typical challenges:

1.) Strong history of Yo-Yo dieting and even stronger frustration about it.

2.) Joint pain or injuries.  There are many people who start our program with replaced joints and many who come to us to strengthen them up for replacement surgery.  (you don't have to get into shape before you come in)

3.) Time challenges and life stress.  

4.) I would say 50% are VERY new to exercise.  We pride ourselves in being a place for beginners.  

More of the Story of Tall Trainer:

I chose to start the business going to people's houses and training them there.  This kept overhead low and works well with our philosophy of using the body verses using tons of equipment.  You will still notice this philosophy in effect in our big open room.  

Here is the bag of tools I used to carry with me...

Once the business grew enough I had a dream to bring people together in groups that combined the best I had experienced in my amazingly varied fitness journey.  Most people don't learn how to teach step class and have the training to be a professional strength coach.  (I can't credit personal brilliance here, just God given opportunities that I took full advantage of)

Thus Fitness Boot Camp was born!  Our First Studio was 1,000 square feet behind what is now the German Restaurant in Downtown Canandaigua.  

From there we starting building something too big for me to handle on my own so I got married...

Ok, that wasn't the only reason I got married :o)  But, WOW was that a great business decision.  I did not even realize it at the time!  Sarah has brought her experiences as an ER Nurse, Marathoner, and even her Eating Disorders and has used them to help others.  (as well as her organization skills to help tame my craziness)

We then increased the size of the studio to 2,000 sq/ft by knocking through a wall.  

We added additional staff who we've been able to serve together for a time and have added insights and growth in their time. 

2012 Our little Anna was born

It was another 3 years and we needed/wanted more space.  

We expanded again to 4,000 sq/ft behind Tom Wahl's on 332.  What's with us and being behind restaurants?


Finally, Jeremy took the time to put some of the best lessons and ideas he's encountered into book form.  

Designed to be a short read and helpful even in 5 minutes.  With 31 short chapters, it is designed to get some of our best lessons out into more people's hands.  

We have weathered a pandemic...

Indoor, outdoor, online workouts.  We still have a great online program available to the community for a ridiculously good deal along with our other great programs.  

Well this is us s far!  I hope you get to join and REALLY meet us.  We are pretty nice!



God Bless, Have Fun, and Be Safe!

From: Jeremy and Sarah, Justin, Amanda, and Lauren


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