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Feeling Sorry for Myself

It happens.  Even to me.  A little pitty party.  Perhaps a seed of entitlement?

I eat well as far as healthy most of the time.  I enjoy something yummy, we occasionally go out to eat, Some of my favorite foods are chicken wings, Beef Briscut, Apple Crisp, Berries, and Pumpkin pie.  I don't drink soda except super rare treats, I eat at least 2 pounds of vegetable most days, I eat the same breakfast, snacks, and lunch 5 days a week.  (sometimes weekends too).  

Here's the thing I don't "LOVE" all that food.  I eat my eggs and veggies as cold bricks in the morning.  I eat a dry boring head of romaine lettuce on my way to pick up Anna from school.  I drink 1 or 2 protein and water shakes a day depending on if I'm too busy to chew something.  I nuts and fruit make up the rest of my day until I get home.  Sarah does up dinner most of the time.  And we eat some sort of chicken 80% of the time with a huge vegetable serving.  

I have my moments that I wish every meal was super indulgent (usually I missed a meal when I feel that way!).  

I'm not saying you need to eat like me.  You do you.  I still have improvements I will make over the years.  


I'm sharing this because I believe this is most likely a common humanity thing.  Moments of entitlement.  The "why do I have to try so hard?"

For me and food these moments are very short because I have dozens of compelling reasons to work hard on nutrition and health.  Maybe you have a couple of mine too.  I find listing them really encourages me.  Maybe this will help you start your own list.  

I eat healthy because...

  • I want my 2 little girls to eat healthy
  • I want to be a role model for my clients
  • I want to be active in my 80s and 90s
  • I want my wife to feel like she's married to a stud (at least occasionally)
  • I don't want to pull my wife into and unhealthy hole with me
  • I want to look in the mirror and see my abs = feel proud or good about my body.  
  • I want to be able to run, jump, and play with my girls
  • If I have to have grey hair early I at least want to impress people with what the old man can do.  
  • I like not feeling sick, boated, or squishy
  • Quite honestly I'm scared of heart disease and cancer
  • I also know that hundreds of other diseases and inflammatory conditions are made worse by poor nutrition
  • My life goals and dream vacations involve physical adventures
  • I am an adult who can delay gratification so I can accomplish all of the above

This thought struck me this weekend so I thought I would share if it could be helpful to you.  Do you have a strong reason I didn't mention?  Are you ready to food prep so you can have a good week with me?  

Hope to hear from you soon!

Jeremy "tall trainer" Biernat

[email protected] 


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