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exercise tips Apr 30, 2023

Watch this funny 1 minute video and get a great reminder!


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What makes a body look young or healthy?

We can see it but sometimes can’t define it.  I remember driving our car down the road and Sarah and I both saw a girl walking down the road.  We were coming up behind her.  As we passed her we realized it was one of our clients.  From the back she could have been 25 years old.  Her face brought her to 50’s and we both new she was in her 60’s.  We both commented the same thing.  She was in awesome “shape”.  Of course we told her so the next time we saw her! 


We have dozens and dozens of clients like this.  If you are just looking at the body you get a certain impression of age.  What makes us have this impression?  What makes a body look younger or healthier? 


I think it’s three things.  Muscle, posture, and a narrower waist. 


This does mean weight loss is a factor here.  But we have all seen the tiny old lady who looks old and frail and you can...

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15 Common “GYM” problems and how we fixed them…

exercise tips Jul 26, 2022

Problem #1: A Standard Gym Membership is paying for access to equipment.  Most people don’t know how to workout so they end up on the treadmill or elliptical. 


Solution: There is no activity in our studio that isn’t lead by a certified trainer designed to create results. 



Problem #2: Standard workout classes are filled with lots of people who drop in and you don’t get to be as comfortable because there are always people you don’t know. 


Solution: We only allow people to join at the beginning of the month and at a particular class time so the group is consistent.  You get to know them and the comfort level and support you feel after the first week is amazingly valuable. 



Problem #3:  Most gyms are shared spaces so members stop and stare at classes exercising or you share space with many other groups. 


Solution:  We acquired a large space that is completely...

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Why I lift Heavy- Sarah

I don’t want to get “bulky”


The other day I was doing weights day with the 9am class and a new boot camper saw how much weight I was using for triceps.  She came up to me and said “I have a big fear of lifting heavy and that I will get bulky looking. You are lifting heavy but you don’t look bulky?”  I was reminded of what a BIG fear this is for women.  Many are afraid to really challenge them selves on weights day because it will make them bigger. 


So here are my thoughts and my story.


MY thoughts…


Some women look like man-beasts! That is super cool if that is what you are going for.  No one who has this look has done it by accident.  They don’t wake up one morning and go “wow, how did this happen to me?” There is a plan to get that way and it is not easy to do.  It takes time and dedication.  Most of that involves nutrition (eating a TON of...

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Snow Day- Card Game Workout

exercise tips Jan 17, 2017

Snow Day – Card Game Workout

Wintertime can be a tough time for physical activity. The thought of going outside to get the mail can start us shivering. Run? Walk? OUTSIDE???? Ridiculous!!! Here's an idea to keep you inside and in great shape. Cardio without running or going outside! You will need a standard deck of cards.

Assign each suit a different exercise:Hearts = Jumping Jacks
Diamonds = High Knees
Clubs = Burpees

Spades = Mountain Climbers

Set a timer for 30 seconds (set it to repeat). Flip a card over and do that exercise until the timer goes off again. This will take you 26 minutes to finish the deck.

Want it harder? Try setting the timer for 45 seconds or for a minute! (warning: a minute will make it a 52 minute workout!!!)

Note: jokers can be taken out or left in and mean you have to repeat the exercise you just got done doing!

Other options for exercises: - Punch the Air
- Squats
- Repeater Knees

- Random Dance - Rest
- Tantrum
- Duck Jabs

- Plank
- Fast Feet

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Water Workout!

exercise tips Oct 28, 2016


Grab a Gallon of water and get ready to SWEAT! This workout is set up to use the gallon of water as your resistance. Then when you are done crack it open and get drinking

Repeat these 3 exercises for 10 minutes (or 5 if you are a beginner)

Squat hold arm out to Left side 10x (keeping arm out the whole time)
Squat with Right arm out Right side 10x V-ups 20x -Lay on your back with your legs up in the air, hold the gallon with both hands and extend arms back towards the floor. Lift them back up towards the ceiling using your abs to do the work.

Shake it up! 20x up and 20x side

(Stand up holding the gallon, keep your abs tight and shake the water up and then side to side)


Next set of 3 exercises-Repeat for 10 minutes

Lunge Position Back Fly 10x Left- Stand in a lunge position leaning over your knee and using the gallon as a “flying” motion with your arm out the side. Don’t go past the height of your shoulder.
Lunge Position Back Fly 10x Right


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The Climb- Workout

exercise tips Jul 22, 2016


This is a great cardio work out that you can do by yourself, or with a friend or group!! You can be creative with the timing; here are a couple of examples:

  • Set a timer for an allotted amount of time (maybe 10-15 minutes) and see how many sets you can get through

  • Have a contest with someone else to see who can reach a set number first

  • See how quickly you can get through a specified number of sets.... Etc.

    There are 5 exercises that you will perform in each set.

    Set #1 - do 1 repetition of each of the 5 exercises. Set #2 - do 2 reps of each exercise
    Set #3 - do 3 reps of each exercise
    And so on.....

    The Exercises:

  • High Knees – think marching in place, but making sure your knee comes up about hip height, can be done fast or slow

  • Tantrum - lying face down, with arms straight out in front and legs straight behind, brace the abs, then alternate raising opposite arm and legs, so it looks like a small child having a tantrum on the floor and you...

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Ready, Set, Run!

Ready, Set, Run!!!

Many people looking to get in shape, and/or lose weight often decide they’ll start running. Here are some tips on how to get going and stay going without injuring yourself.

Start slow! Seriously, if you just start running out of the gate, you are putting yourself at a very high risk for shin splints, and/or other very painful injuries that will only set you back. It’s very easy for runners to jump in too fast and over-train.

Much like boot camp, or any other exercise regiment, it is important to ease your way into the habit. I recommend starting with walking and getting used to that for a week or two. If you’re getting a bit antsy, I would do an interval walk/run. Walk for 2-3 minutes, then maybe 30-60 seconds run/jog, then back to walking for a few minutes. Interval training is a fantastic way to build endurance without injuries. Eventually you can increase the run time, and decrease the walking.

Make sure to take the time to warm up and...

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Trouble Zoner Burner

exercise tips May 19, 2016

This workout is a total body resistance-training workout that also hits and burns the trouble zones. This will capitalize on FAT burning and localized muscle toning in the most common “Trouble” areas. This workout can be done at different levels and if you aren’t sure you got it please get help from an expert. I want you toned not hurt.


You will need a Dumbbell or two – (women start with 5-8 lbs, men start with 10-15 lbs). Some of you will be able to progress to using a heavier weight on Tap Back Touch and Punch and Reverse Crunch with Pullover. I (Jeremy) would use 30 pounds on those two and 20 pounds on the others to give you an idea.


Perform each exercise for 1 minute then at the end of the circuit take 2-3 minutes rest and do it again. 2-3x’s through. If you don’t have a timer, complete each exercise 15x’s.

The Exercises:

1.) Lunge Triceps Left

2.) Lunge Triceps Right
3.) Jumping Jacks
4.) Slow Mountain Climber...

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Sarah's 35th Birthday Workout

exercise tips Jul 22, 2015

Sarah's 35th Birthday Workout

Here is a workout we did to celebrate my amazing wife's 35th birthday! It requires no equipment and you can work at your own pace. This workout is considered a ladder. You climb down and if you have time you can climb back up again.

There are 4 exercises in each round. The first round you do each one 35x the next 30x - 25x - 20x - 15x - 10x - 5x. You can take a rest break then or go after the next round with 4 new exercises and climb back up. Round 1 5x of each of the 4 exercises, then - 10x - 15x - 20x - 25x - 30x - 35x.

If you are working out with someone faster than you, you can challenge them to climb back down again on the last set. This workout could take anywhere from 30 - 60 min. Also, you don't have to start at 35x if you aren't as sure of yourself. You can start at 20x and on set 2 just climb to 20x (or other number that feels right for you)

Set 1 Exercises - (climbing down from 35 by 5's) V -ups
High Knees

Arm Circles

Set 2...

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