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15 Common “GYM” problems and how we fixed them…

exercise tips Jul 26, 2022

Problem #1: A Standard Gym Membership is paying for access to equipment.  Most people don’t know how to workout so they end up on the treadmill or elliptical. 


Solution: There is no activity in our studio that isn’t lead by a certified trainer designed to create results. 



Problem #2: Standard workout classes are filled with lots of people who drop in and you don’t get to be as comfortable because there are always people you don’t know. 


Solution: We only allow people to join at the beginning of the month and at a particular class time so the group is consistent.  You get to know them and the comfort level and support you feel after the first week is amazingly valuable. 



Problem #3:  Most gyms are shared spaces so members stop and stare at classes exercising or you share space with many other groups. 


Solution:  We acquired a large space that is completely private.  Just the people in your class are there and you know them well. 



Problem #4: Groups of people can get cliquey and have an “IN” group and “outsiders” fairly easy.


Solution:  We design the workouts to break down these barriers and create a “TEAM” feel that we are all in this together and no one is better than someone else. 



Problem #5:  Many workouts can have that running the mile in gym class feel.  People who are in worse shape can feel like they are “too far behind” or “holding others back” or “that they need to get in shape before they join”.


Solution:  We focus more of our workouts on time rather than repetitions.  This means everyone does their best for a minute.  Some will go faster, some will go slower and rest if they need, but everyone is giving their best effort and we always finish together.  You don’t hold anyone back and you can join even if you’ve never worked out before. 



Problem #6:  Many fitness programs have complicated moves or choreography that have a steep learning curve.  Meaning you have to spend months messing it up before you feel successful.


Solution:  We use basic movements and easier to understand exercises that have a high benefit to risk ratio.  We use no complicated choreography so you don’t ever have to feel like you are “OFF” or out of sync with the group. 



Problem #7:  Weight loss groups don’t do much exercise and exercise classes don’t do that much on nutrition.   


Solution: We’ve combined fitness and nutrition to use the strengths of each to get the best benefits for body change and overall health. 



Problem #8:  In most fitness centers come or don’t come it’s up to you for motivation.  You won’t hear from them until the next billing. 


Solution: We know who is in each class and when they are planning on coming so we can call, encourage, and be accountability partners for them.  You’ll hear from us!



Problem #9:  Most classes you join you have to jump in at a random time and the workout may not be very good for a first day. 


Solution:  You join at the beginning of the month and the first week is especially designed to give everyone a great workout AND ease new clients into the fitness routine. 



Problem #10: Most people exercise occasionally making the days following each workout cause you to feel like you’ve been hit by a truck. 


Solution:  We designed the program to be done daily (4-5 days/week).  This gives incredible beneifts AND actually decreases soreness as the body begins to adapt and it no longer shocks the body each time you exercise. 



Problem #11:  Most people just do their favorite exercises or modalities.  Cardio fans do cardio but don’t work the muscles.  And lifters avoid cardio. 


Solution:  We’ve included the right balance of all exercise modalities to make our clients bodies hit the best levels of healthy, strong, pain free, energetic, and lean. 



Problem #12:  Many nutrition plans are so restrictive that they cannot be successfully followed long term.  So, any results gained are very short lived. 


Solution:  Our nutrition program is able to be tailored to you and allow REAL LIFE to happen while still losing then maintaining weight. 



Problem #13:  Most fitness programs are built for people in their 20s, 30s, or 40s and are built around short term results and not longevity or being careful with the body. 


Solution:  Our program was designed for people in their 50s-70s.  Sure it works for people above and below this range also but this age group is looking more for long term health and feeling better vs. trying to model for a muscle magazine. 



Problem #14:  Some fitness programs perform amazingly powerful exercises that have great show off factor but also are higher risk.  This leaves many people getting injured trying to accomplish the workout. 


Solution:  We do fun and cool exercises but check the ego and focus on feeling awesome OUTSIDE of our workout time and being amazing in our 80’s!



Problem #15:  People aren’t sure what fitness program is right for them until they join but then they feel stuck if it isn’t right. 


Solution:  We have a 100% Money Back Guarantee so people don’t have to be scared to at least try…they aren’t out anything and might find everything they are looking for and more!


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