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More than just a number on the scale

More Than a Number on the Scale


A post from Sarah (tall trainer's wife)

One of the hardest obstacles of boot camp for me was the SCALE.  I was (and some days still am) a person whose day was ruled by the number on the scale.


My back-story:

Sarah at 190 More Than a Number on the Scale

I was a “solid” kid who was much larger than the other girls in my class.  In the 3rd grade I became very aware of my body being bigger.  My “dieting” began that year.  But I was clueless and I also loved sugar.  I steadily gained weight and THEN came high school! 


My freshman year in gym class, we all had to stand in a line to get weighed.  I had an old hag of a gym teacher who said the numbers out loud as she weighed us.  To me she might as well have been announcing this over the loud speaker.  As she said the number there were a few that heard it.  One boy said “she weighs more than me”.   I clearly remember my body...

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My biggest fear...

healthy lifestyle mindset May 22, 2014



It’s tough to find the truly biggest fear since I don’t spend much of my time trying to figure out everything I’m afraid of.  I know this is WAY up there on the fear scale.  It’s not snakes, public speaking, or cancer though all three can be very scary.


This fear came to mind as we (Tall Trainer Fitness) were selected for an award.


Screenshot 2014 05 22 05.45.29 198x300 My BIGGEST FEAR...

We won best service business in Canandaigua for 2014!  It is quite an honor considering all the great businesses that are in Canandaigua and the previous winners of this award!  I am humbled and thankful.  My initial reaction was one of gratitude and thankful that the work we do is noticed in the community.  I often feel like there is so much more we could do.  I have to hold back a little so I don’t give myself a nervous breakdown trying to do all the good I can imagine doing.  That’s when I had the thought, “Gee, if we win a...

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On the other side of "NO" there is Joy!

On the other side of “NO” there is Joy!


Fighting Temptations – Psychologically

pre rapture party On the other side of NO there is Joy!

“On the other side of No is JOY!” – Pastor Bill Bambach


Our temptations whether they be food, sex, alcohol, gambling, work, and other good things used wrong all lie to us.  They tell us do _______________ because it will make you happy.  It’s exciting.  Tasty.  Fulfilling.  And for a few brief moments they are.  We indulge in our temptation and get our fill/fix.  Then what?….


Well if you are like me then a feeling of regret takes the place of the all too brief enjoyment.   I’ve had this happen to me simply watching television.  It promised me a break from my stressed and busy mind.  “I’ll just watch a little.”  Is what I tell myself.  “I’ve worked hard I DESERVE a mental break.”  Hours later when I finally muster the willpower...

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5 Diet Foods You Should Avoid!

weight loss Jan 10, 2014

5 Diet Foods You Should Avoid! 

These are foods people usually start eating when they go on a diet and they think they are doing themselves some good.  They also feel like they are making a sacrifice when they might be doing more harm than their regular diet.  


At 830 Calories per cup, Almonds are one of the most high calorie foods you can eat.  A handful can stop weight loss in it's tracks!  There are healthy vitamins and minerals in Almonds but not enough to counter the calorie cost.  If you eat almonds, be VERY careful and keep track of how many you eat.


It's usually loaded with sugar.   Why do you think you like it so much?  If you HAVE to do yogurt,  I recommend plain greek yogurt (do not get low fat!  see below).  You can add fresh fruit to it and control the sugar levels.  I need to mention that some people have a sensitivity to dairy and that means yogurt can cause weight...

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12 days of Christmas Workout! (video)

exercise videos Dec 12, 2013

12 days until Christmas!

 Here is a workout inspired by the 12-days of Christmas.  (we may have done it in boot camp this morning, or will be if you are seeing this early)  Click on the picture to watch the FAST description of a fun workout!

Have Fun.  Be Safe.  

Jeremy "the tall trainer"

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Happy Halloween!

healthy lifestyle Oct 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Sarah, Jeremy, and their little cupcake Anna Grace
Now for the scary video...Watch if you DARE!!
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The Jeremy-Sarah Story

healthy lifestyle Aug 21, 2013

The Sarah and Jeremy Story


God has blessed me with an amazing woman.  She stretches me to be better.  I love her like crazy!

We have now been married 4 years though both Sarah and I both agree it feels like 10!  But in a good way.  I cannot imagine life with out her and it feels like we are old friends, like I’ve known her when I was a kid.

Here is a quick story of our adventures up to this point:

How we met -

Actually online.  I had joined and put a profile together because I was so busy working I was never in a social situation to meet someone.  I was planning on going on several dates just to see what was out there.  I went on one before Sarah and we had very little in common, and the whole dating thing didn’t seem so fun then.  Sarah saw a commercial and was curious that she went on “just to look”.  She saw a few people she knew that were definitely NOT the type of guy she wants.  She...

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Creamy Veggie Fun-gry Buster

Uncategorized Jul 25, 2013

Creamy Veggie Fun-gry Buster


I get the "fun-gries" all the time. That is my term for funky-hungry. I feel hungry but I know I really shouldn't be. This is usually because (even though I know better) I haven't had enough protein or fat and have gone on a little carb freenzy. This snack is SO yummy and keeps the fun-gries away:) ~Sarah


Serves 1

 1/2 cup chopped cucumber

5 cherry tomatoes

1/4 cup chopped avacoado

1/2 cup 4% milk cottage cheese

Black pepper to taste


 191 calories Carb=12g Prot=14g Fat=9.4g


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How I stayed in the fat burning zone for 23 hours and 26 minutes!!!

weight loss Jul 02, 2013

How I stayed in the fat burning zone for 23 hours and 26 minutes!!!

If you are fast at math you might have asked, so you were out of the fat burning zone for 34 minutes?




This is one of those “things” that get’s people confused all the time.  We see this fat burning zone everywhere.  On magazine covers, in conversations, and even on exercise equipment. 


Now I don’t know about you but if I see the words fat burning zone that sounds pretty attractive to me.  Who wouldn’t want to be there?  Burn fat in the fat burning zone!  It sounds almost like paradise.  So how did I spend all those hours in the fat burning zone?


I went for a 34 minute run.  (well 33:54 to be exact (I rounded))


I got one of those heart rate monitor watches for fun and this is what it told me:


I was in “fitness” for 33:40 and “fat burn” for only 14 seconds?



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#1 strategy to eliminate a craving, works 100%

weight loss Jun 18, 2013

#1 Way to Eliminate a Craving

Everyone has them from time to time.  Why is it that some people do better with them than others?  If there was a way to effectively deal with them every time wouldn’t that be great?

Well here is!  The best way to deal with a craving is to eat what it is you are craving. 


Eat the naughty food that I’m craving?  Yep!  It sounds like a recipe for weight gain and it could be of course let me explain to you how you can do this and begin to lose weight. 
What people normally do when they have a craving.
The first step is to fight it.  Usually this involves eating something healthy or trying not to eat at all.  Usually this still leaves hunger, so you might eat another something to try to “fix” it.  Then that doesn’t take so you wait awhile drink some water wait awhile more and then still hungry you eat again.  If you get frustrated enough by...
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