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Real Honest Thoughts

Some REAL and HONEST thoughts from an INCREDIBLE woman.


After tonight's challenging work out I had several thoughts as I drove home. 

The first was " Thank you Lord! I am alive!!!" Seriously though, I realized that I could never have done this work out from start to finish when I began this journey last September. I recall doing it early on & feeling very incompetent as I drove home that night. 


Tonight I know I did not do all the moves perfectly, but I did it all start to finish and feel very good about that. I had overly high expectations for myself when I started last September and it's taken me a long time to fully come to terms with all I needed to work on. Humble Pie is not all that tasty. 


What I see now is that I can write all the goals I want each month, but more importantly, I need to recognize the life/body changes that have occurred each month based on my work in these sessions and be grateful for those.  I haven't lost the 30 pounds I wanted to start off with, but I've gained some things that are extremely valuable!

*I sleep very well, no more tossing & turning with achy joints.

*My grocery bill is almost cut in half thanks to meal planning, meal prep & much less food waste.

*My stress level is reduced; I can come to class and just focus on me; let everything else take a back seat.

*My energy is increased.

*I can wear clothes that have hung unused in the back of my closet for 2-3  years, so something is shrinking!

Most importantly,

*no matter what has transpired during my work day, walking in the gym door and being with supportive/ non- judge-mental classmates means more to me than I have words for. 

I guess this is a long winded way of saying thank you to the entire team for having such a quality program, that you all put so much effort into, to make it fresh,  keep it challenging,  & continually push us to go further than we'd probably go on our own. 



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