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My weight had been increasing over the years...

transformation stories Jun 24, 2022


I started my Tall Trainer journey in January of 2020. Prior to starting, I had been mildly active but my nutrition was not great. My weight had been increasing over the years. The only time I had lost weight in the past was if I had kept track of what I ate. Then it would creep back up again. In 2019, I became a grandma- which is THE BEST! I really needed to figure out how to be fit and flexible. I wanted the strength to be able to carry and play with my grandson as he grew. This became my “WHY?” 


I had heard about Tall Trainer years ago and bought their Fitness in Real Life book- and actually read the whole thing and marked it all up. I looked up the website and decided to call and see if maybe I could join a class.


I was amazed and so thankful for the positive information that I received in that phone call. Stacie (the lady who took my call) was so upbeat and said that they were all REAL PEOPLE…who ate pizza! That was a huge selling point as I needed to learn how to manage my cravings with being healthy overall. So I signed up!


The class time was 5:20AM which allowed me to get back home to see my high schoolers off to school. The environment in the class is indescribable. You really have to experience it. Starting class every day with a prayer gets our time together focused. Every day, Gym Class (as I lovingly refer to it) is different. We never know what we will be walking into, which keeps it super fun. My class has so many inspirational people in it. They are all very kind, supportive and encouraging. I feel like they are extended family.


Since starting Tall Trainer 2 ½ years ago, a lot has happened. COVID- really shook things up at TT, but they handled it with positivity by blessing their clients with an online program that changed –DAILY!!! That is a ton of work but they did it! Not only that, but they bless our greater community with many financial gifts –each month! Most recently, they gifted Ukraine and blessed the local food cupboards with donated food from our classes.


Now, I have just turned 50 and lost 50 pounds! It was a great feeling to meet this goal. I have 3 grandchildren and am more fit then I have ever been in my life. Plus I have never eaten so well! The VITABOT online food tracker really helps keep me accountable- and I get to eat pizza!


I am so thankful for the Tall Trainer TEAM and my Gym Class!

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