I felt pretty down on myself

transformation stories Aug 21, 2019
In my younger years, I was physically active working at our family dairy farm.  Then moved on to become a mechanic at Monroe Tractor for ten years.  I had started getting issues with pain in my knees.  I switched jobs to a position that was less physically demanding.   As time went on, my knees seemed to get worse, as my weight fluctuated and my diabetes was getting out of control.   
The thing that pushed me was when my wife got an opportunity to go to a boot camp style workout with some friends.  I knew I wanted to do something to help myself.  I would like to say that I am not the type of person that will just join a gym so this was a big step just walking through the door.  I felt pretty down on myself, embarrassed of how weak and out of shape I had gotten.  Honestly, I was actually afraid I could not make through the warm up the first day.  
The people at Tall Trainer really make you feel welcome...
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I had become fixated on losing weight

transformation stories May 06, 2019

My name is Megan and I joined Tall Trainer in December 2018. 

Since the birth of my daughter eight years ago, I had become fixated on losing weight. I placed a lot of my value in the number on the scale and wouldn’t be satisfied until I reached my “goal weight.” I read weight loss books, trained for 5K’s, logged food and the weight came off. 

Unfortunately, my go-to coping mechanism when things got stressful was food. My weight slowly started to creep back up. I also developed food allergies and started having issues with my gut. I felt frustrated trying to navigate these new restrictions. I felt so overwhelmed and my weight continued to go up. I tried other exercise programs and lost some weight but would always regain it during busy or stressful times. 

After years of feeling depressed with no motivation, no plan, no accountability and no success, I was gifted a free month of Tall Trainer (thank you Jeremy &...

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I was so frustrated and embarrassed

transformation stories Feb 26, 2019

I'd like to start by saying I am a very private person and hate being the center of anything so doing this testimonial for all to read will be very difficult but I honestly hope that in doing so can spark the interest and motivate someone to realize it's time to get up, get moving, get healthy so they can enjoy life for many years to come, as Art Williams would say "JUST DO IT!", so here goes:

I worked at a job for over 20 years and I really enjoyed it, until the company went through many changes at all management levels, plus many layoffs in production, they even froze pay raises and took money away. After laying off my workers my dept. I was expected to do the same amount of work. This became very stressful, and I even gained a new boss who thought he was all that, he wasn't and treated me like I didn't know anything and worse a female.  It hit me, I was stressed, overworked, and so unappreciated, all with having chronic migraines, hair literally falling out, and...

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Mrs. Central New York!

transformation stories Jan 21, 2019

I first came to the Tall Trainer in 2017. I wanted to get a solid fitness routine set and become part of a program with a set schedule and more accountability. I had tried reaching my goals on my own and it wasn’t working. I also felt I was losing strength the last couple years and did not like that feeling. My friend Tanya Goff referred me. Tanya’s mother Marianne had lost an astonishing 100 pounds working with the Tall Trainer so I thought “these people sound like they know what they are doing”! Upon arriving I immediately felt as ease. I loved the sense of community and feeling like I belonged. Some other places I’ve tried and didn’t feel like I fit in. I loved that it would not go unnoticed if you didn’t show up; this was helpful for accountability. 
I had some success and then stopped coming because I got involved in a big business venture and it was taking so much money and time and...
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I was in a place of mediocrity.

transformation stories Jan 03, 2019

Before starting at Tall Trainer I was in a place of mediocrity. I was in fairly good shape with okay nutrition (at times) and I had pretty much disqualified myself from finding or surpassing the physical strength I once had years ago. 
I had no idea the transformation that would take place on the outside but even more on the inside once I started my journey at Tall Trainer.
Tall Trainer has made me dig deep within myself and truly unlock my potential in a way that I never knew was possible. This has translated to every single area of my life. 
Tall Trainer helped me get control of my nutrition in a way that was achievable and manageable, even to someone like me who is VERY easily overwhelmed by food and nutrition with all the information out there. The workouts are so fun but challenging and push you to become your best! 
I am not only in the best shape of my life, but I have discovered physical and mental strength I didn’t know I...
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Don't wait for the "MAGIC" moment!

transformation stories Nov 14, 2018
Over the past 9 months I have lost 55 pounds and inches all over my body and an amazing amount of fat. I’ve had to go through my closet twice to remove the oversized clothing – a great feeling!  I’ve gained strength, balance and energy! I have more energy and have finished six 5K races (walking) this summer, I am more active than I have been in years and feel better too!  I am looking forward to racing our sailboat next year, as I know I’ll enjoy the experience so much more.
When I started Tall Trainer nine months ago, I had been fairly inactive for a long time; and my eating habits were none too healthy.  I had been telling myself for quite a while that I needed to get back in shape, but I couldn’t seem to get started.  Now in my 60’s, I realize that I want to be (and need to be) in good shape as I age and enter my seventies and beyond.
My inspiration for starting was just that I was tired...
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I could feel my health deteriorating

transformation stories Oct 25, 2018

I am thankful to have had the opportunity to join Boot Camp with the Tall Trainer.

Just months prior to starting my new journey, my fiancé passed away.  I could feel my health deteriorating mentally and physically.  I needed to do something quickly.  It so happened that I saw a post with results from a friend who was attending boot camp.  I questioned her about it and was intrigued.  I made a phone call that day and was immediately set up to go in and see what this program was all about.

I told myself that I would do this for 1 month.  After that month was up, I was feeling wonderful emotionally and physically.  I was addicted and decided to keep going on this voyage.

For the next 7 months I achieved goals, was educated on healthy eating, was encouraged to go above my own expectations with my cardio and resistance training, learned about correct lifting postures and how to avoid pain with certain exercises that I never would have known...

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Everything happens for a reason

transformation stories Oct 04, 2018


Life had been a very long and difficult journey leading up to joining Tall Trainer. To say that my childhood and many years to follow were less than ideal is an understatement. I somehow developed a pretty great sense of humor along the way which is how I was able to cope with a lot of that. I pretty much grew up without any guidance, discipline, structure or any of the other important things that make life a little easier to conquer. 
We also grew up poor so I was faced with that challenge along with the others. As far as nutrition went I knew very little. We didn’t have healthy/unhealthy choices....it was just food and we were hungry. We ate what we had. I was never taught how to cook or plan meals to nourish my body. So for most of my life cooking didn’t really exist....I cooked occasionally but ate out almost every meal of every day well...
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My entire adult life I have always felt overweight...

transformation stories Aug 21, 2018

My entire adult life I have always felt overweight.  Even when I was young and weighed 130 lbs. I felt out of shape.  
I have had a desk job for 25 years, was a couch potato who loved spending the entire weekend binge watching Netflix, and wasn’t very fond of exercise or activity.
In December of 2017, as I dragged myself through all of the holiday festivities eating and drinking everything that was bad for me, I was feeling very sluggish, overweight, out of shape and exhausted all the time.  I would drag myself out of bed for work and at times was barely able to keep my eyes open during the day.
Little by little the weight had crept up over the years and before you know it I was 50-60 lbs. overweight.  I had just turned 46 in December and thought to myself that this must be my new norm as I enter into middle age.
Between Christmas and New Year’s, I received an email with a link to determine BMI.  Always resulting...
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transformation stories Jun 20, 2018


I feel wonderful! Probably the best I have felt about myself in a long time.

I, like many others, let some poundage creep up. I basically knew what foods I should be eating and would eat them- most of the time, and exercise, well, nothing consistent.

I was determined to take charge and so I joined Tall Trainer Boot Camp in the beginning of February and have learned so much more than I had anticipated. The support from other "Boot Campers" is amazing! The knowledge from the Tall Trainer Team regarding nutrition AND exercise is second to none!

They accommodate all skill levels, adjust exercises for your special limitations, and change up the routines to keep it interesting. A bounce house.. who does that? They do! They get right to the psychology of failed "diets" and how you don't have to beat yourself up if you're not perfect. And let’s face it, sometimes, we're not.

During my 3 months at Boot Camp, I have enjoyed parties, dinner out, a couple weekends away and still...

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