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I had become fixated on losing weight

transformation stories May 06, 2019

My name is Megan and I joined Tall Trainer in December 2018. 

Since the birth of my daughter eight years ago, I had become fixated on losing weight. I placed a lot of my value in the number on the scale and wouldn’t be satisfied until I reached my “goal weight.” I read weight loss books, trained for 5K’s, logged food and the weight came off. 

Unfortunately, my go-to coping mechanism when things got stressful was food. My weight slowly started to creep back up. I also developed food allergies and started having issues with my gut. I felt frustrated trying to navigate these new restrictions. I felt so overwhelmed and my weight continued to go up. I tried other exercise programs and lost some weight but would always regain it during busy or stressful times. 

After years of feeling depressed with no motivation, no plan, no accountability and no success, I was gifted a free month of Tall Trainer (thank you Jeremy & Sarah!!!). My first thought was: I HAVE to do this--I need a jump start. My second thought was: There is NO WAY I can keep up—I’m too heavy, and my knee hurts all the time. Sarah reassured me they could modify exercises and help strengthen my knee. And so it began.

The first month was tough as I was getting used to working out again. The 6:30am class was great—fun, encouraging and non-judgmental :o)I began seeing results within weeks and could feel myself getting stronger and in better shape. 

While the workouts were awesome, what had the biggest impact on me was how my mindset about wellness was shifting. Jeremy ends each workout with some motivational tips. One morning, he shared a quote: “Success is not owned, it’s rented and the rent is due every day.”I realized I needed to make some big changes at home to truly reach my goals. It was not enough to show up for workouts. I had to invest time into nutrition (planning, shopping, prepping) whether I felt like it or not. Just “winging it” had not worked for me in the past. I also had to start doing some work on the emotional side of things. Why did I turn to food to cope in the past? Why do I base my value on what I weigh? Why do I want to eat 14 Oreos right now? (Because Oreos are awesome, that’s why!) Learning new strategies to deal with stress, being disciplined, and working through the “whys” has made such a difference. 

Another shift for me ties into one of the philosophies at Tall Trainer: “Strive for getting better not perfection.” I am learning to be consistent in my food choices instead of trying to make perfect food choices. If I eat something that is less than ideal, the next choice is a better choice. This was new for me and brought such FREEDOM instead of guilt and regret. 

It’s been six months since I started Tall Trainer. I love the accountability, being surrounded by like-minded people, and always being pushed to become the best version of myself. I’ve NOW lost 40 pounds, over 18 inches and no longer have pain in my knee. I have more energy and discipline in every other area of my life. My family is healthier. I have more confidence. I feel more physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually well than I have in a long time. 

I am so thankful for Jeremy, Sarah, Lynn and Andrew and have been so blessed by their generosity, wisdom and encouragement. It has been life-changing.     

How inspiring is this!!!  Megan has come in and embraced all areas (Mental, physical and emotional).  Her mindset is spot on and this is where LASTING results come!

Megan-you are a honor to work with and we are so proud of the changes you have made-and look forward to seeing your future with FREEDOM!

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