transformation stories Jun 20, 2018


I feel wonderful! Probably the best I have felt about myself in a long time.

I, like many others, let some poundage creep up. I basically knew what foods I should be eating and would eat them- most of the time, and exercise, well, nothing consistent.

I was determined to take charge and so I joined Tall Trainer Boot Camp in the beginning of February and have learned so much more than I had anticipated. The support from other "Boot Campers" is amazing! The knowledge from the Tall Trainer Team regarding nutrition AND exercise is second to none!

They accommodate all skill levels, adjust exercises for your special limitations, and change up the routines to keep it interesting. A bounce house.. who does that? They do! They get right to the psychology of failed "diets" and how you don't have to beat yourself up if you're not perfect. And let’s face it, sometimes, we're not.

During my 3 months at Boot Camp, I have enjoyed parties, dinner out, a couple weekends away and still managed to lose 20 lbs. Is it hard? YES...Is it worth it?Most definitely....YES!

Thank you Tall Trainer Team for helping me get control of my life!

Karen and her husband Mike had the opportunity to do boot camp together! They are such an awesome couple and it was our pleasure to get to train these two. Talk about a team!!!

Mike has also done some AMAZING work at Tall Trainer!
He has lost 42 pounds!
9.4% Body Fat and
10 inches at his waist!!
Go Mike!!


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