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I felt pretty down on myself

transformation stories Aug 21, 2019
In my younger years, I was physically active working at our family dairy farm.  Then moved on to become a mechanic at Monroe Tractor for ten years.  I had started getting issues with pain in my knees.  I switched jobs to a position that was less physically demanding.   As time went on, my knees seemed to get worse, as my weight fluctuated and my diabetes was getting out of control.   
The thing that pushed me was when my wife got an opportunity to go to a boot camp style workout with some friends.  I knew I wanted to do something to help myself.  I would like to say that I am not the type of person that will just join a gym so this was a big step just walking through the door.  I felt pretty down on myself, embarrassed of how weak and out of shape I had gotten.  Honestly, I was actually afraid I could not make through the warm up the first day.  
The people at Tall Trainer really make you feel welcome and that you belong.  Also the variety of exercises, equipment and Vitabot make the whole experience successful. If you show up every day, do your best, and log your food, you will be successful!   Jeremy shows you how to do each exercise safely so you do not hurt yourself.  This was what I needed to get motivated and moving in the right direction.  
When I started working out I was taking 1000 Mg of Metphormin a day plus another pill to help control my diabetes. I was also taking  blood pressure medication . As of today I am down to 250Mg for my diabetes 1x a day . Hopefully in 3 months to be completely off of medication.  I am more confident and have a lot of energy. There are  things I love to do now such as hiking and kayaking.  I have even been doing some jogging which is something I would never have done.  
I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone at the Tall Trainer especially Jeremy, Lynn, Andrew and Andrew.  Also to all of the people in the 5:20 am class for being supportive.

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