I was so frustrated and embarrassed

transformation stories Feb 26, 2019

I'd like to start by saying I am a very private person and hate being the center of anything so doing this testimonial for all to read will be very difficult but I honestly hope that in doing so can spark the interest and motivate someone to realize it's time to get up, get moving, get healthy so they can enjoy life for many years to come, as Art Williams would say "JUST DO IT!", so here goes:

I worked at a job for over 20 years and I really enjoyed it, until the company went through many changes at all management levels, plus many layoffs in production, they even froze pay raises and took money away. After laying off my workers my dept. I was expected to do the same amount of work. This became very stressful, and I even gained a new boss who thought he was all that, he wasn't and treated me like I didn't know anything and worse a female.  It hit me, I was stressed, overworked, and so unappreciated, all with having chronic migraines, hair literally falling out, and terrible mood swings so I made a huge life decision I QUIT. I found a new job, took a $20K cut in pay and promised my husband I would NEVER be stressed again. (Today he tells me I am to easy going and laid back) I was once again loving work and learning new skills until an unexpected life issue happened, a family member became ill and needed assistance so I QUIT my new job. Over the next year I took care of my family member only to watch her life slowly get taken away from me but, I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to spend a year of quality laughing, crying, loving time with her.

It was a few short days after my loss when I received an email from a girlfriend of mine that contained photos of a trip we had been on in hopes to cheer me up. It was that day approx. 7yrs ago when I opened THE picture (It's my before picture that I have shared with you all) it horrified me. I remember starring at it thinking OMG is that really me? When and how did I get this chubby? Why didn't anyone tell me including my husband?I had given over 20 years of MY life to a company that didn't care about ME and an additional year after that caring for a sick loved one (which I don't regret) but it was more time spent on someone other than Me. At a weight of 225 and a pant size of 16-18, and fingers so chubby that I no longer could wear my wedding rings I starred at that horrible picture and said "it's ME time."

Where did I go wrong? Was it my Diet? What was I eating that was so bad? I don't care for sweets, I don't eat fast food, my husband and I do eat out at restaurants. Are we eating out too often? Geez, I thought I was eating ok, but clearly at 225 I wasn't.

Was it exercise? Probably, I wasn't doing much as I have Chondromalacia Grade 4 Medial Femoral Condyle of the right knee. (I know big words right) It's the worst grade level you can have for the interior of the knee plus that same knee has NO ACL, NO Cartilage, Tendinitis and Bursitis. (Severe deterioration, arthritis, and bone on bone) So of course I wasn't exercising just doing everyday activities like walking, getting up and down out of a chair, climbing the stairs to get in my house all came with severe pain. Knee replacement is in my future by because of my age my doctor wants me to hold off. 

I was so frustrated and embarrassed as to what I have become I didn't even know where to start? Do I ask for help? Who do I ask? Do I even tell anyone? I wound up telling no one and began doing my own thing. Which consisted of Zumba & Kick Cardio classes 3 days a week, and Yo-Yo diets. Yep, you name it I have probably tried it. I remember one where all I was "allowed" to eat was (2) super high protein drinks, and a very small lunch. Oh boy did I lost weight quick, but with the unhealthy eating habits I was always hangry (angry and hungry), sluggish, once again moody, and just not myself. I knew I needed to do something better as each time I came off said yo-you diet it was like I had a Fat Fairy right there to shake her wand because it was like "poof" the weight was right back, and each time it came back quicker than the last.

One Saturday morning early in 2017 I was out with a couple of best friends having coffee after our Kick Cardio class when one mentioned the Kick classes just weren't cutting it anymore and she wanted to step up her game. I was like really what are you gonna do? She said "I am going to Bring a Friend Day in Canandaigua at some boot camp facility called Tall Trainer.  I asked a few questions but mostly listened, and all the while thinking to myself I wonder if I could do boot camp with my horrific knee. For the next several HOURS I literally could not get this thought out of my head, it was all I could think about. I mentioned it to my husband and asked him what he thought, all he said was "what do you have to lose by going to a free class and if it turns out to be something you want to do then go for it". So I texted my girlfriend and asked her if I could ride with her and like a best friend said "well of course you can" and we did!

Yeah ME! Tall Trainer is the greatest gift I have given myself. The trainers have taught me with the help of Vitabot the proper way to eat without guilt, gimmicks or starving myself. The biggest thing that has worked for me is MEAL PREPPING. Every weekend I prep and cook for the week. I even started making up small containers to freeze that way when life gets in the way and I don't have time I still have have meals ready to go.

Learning the proper technique and posture for exercises, and weight lifting I have gained a lot of strength and stability. My knee pain has significantly decreased, as I realized the more I move the arthritis in my knee the better I actually feel. With feeling stronger and more stable I still wanted more, so over the past 6-7 months I reached out to my chiropractor he has done "Shock Wave" treatments on my knee. Shock Wave treatments increase circulation, increase stem cell migration, tissue regeneration and nerve repair. The 7 treatments where painful and considerably expensive but the benefits thus far have outweighed the cost and pain. With my new strength and recent treatments my pain level is down to a ONE or LESS and my range of motion has improved significantly. I can actually do more squats in class, and most important I take NO pain medication not even Advil or Aleve, oh and those wedding rings actually FIT now.

I can't thank the trainers enough for giving me the knowledge, attention, love and support, throughout my journey. I also want to thank my 5:30pm class of new friends for just being you, for all your kind words, concerns and always motivating me. A special thank you to Sue for being my fitness buddy keeping me in check and putting up with my driving every other week your a great BFF. You are ALL truly an inspiration and make working out fun. My journey is not over, so I will continue to
"JUST DO IT" and look forward to spending more time with you all. THANK YOU AGAIN!

Yay Dercy!  Thank you so much for sharing your journey!  You are a great example of pushing aside excuses and DOING IT!  I am so glad you had that picture that motivated you to take control back of your life and stress level.  

Your husband is right, you are so laid back now and a great example to all around you!
Thanks for letting us be in this journey with YOU!

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