Don't wait for the "MAGIC" moment!

transformation stories Nov 14, 2018
Over the past 9 months I have lost 55 pounds and inches all over my body and an amazing amount of fat. I’ve had to go through my closet twice to remove the oversized clothing – a great feeling!  I’ve gained strength, balance and energy! I have more energy and have finished six 5K races (walking) this summer, I am more active than I have been in years and feel better too!  I am looking forward to racing our sailboat next year, as I know I’ll enjoy the experience so much more.
When I started Tall Trainer nine months ago, I had been fairly inactive for a long time; and my eating habits were none too healthy.  I had been telling myself for quite a while that I needed to get back in shape, but I couldn’t seem to get started.  Now in my 60’s, I realize that I want to be (and need to be) in good shape as I age and enter my seventies and beyond.
My inspiration for starting was just that I was tired of being tiredand overweight and not able to do things the way I used to doand I wanted to do once again:  walking, sailing, hiking, etc.  A friend, who had been attending Tall Trainer, mentioned the group to me at a Friday night party.  Somehow the timing was right for me. I signed up the next day and started Boot Camp that Monday.  
The journey has been amazing so far and it continues to be.  The trainers are fantastic and accommodate any physical limitations (like my knee) by modifying exercises.  The exercise routines vary from day to day and never get boring.  My classmates are an awesome bunch. Having worked with them and been encouraged by them for the past 9 months has been a tremendous boost to my motivation.  Also, Vitabot, the nutrition-tracking program we utilize, is great.  I use it everyday as I plan meals; and I love the instant feedback on the choices I make – no guessing involved there.  
One thing that I’ve learned and want to share with you:  Don’t wait for that “magic moment” - that moment when the stars are aligned and you feel “This is it, I’m finally ready to start getting healthy and fit”.   That moment may never come.  So, just do it - do it now - for you.
If you are thinking about joining the Tall Trainer Boot Camp, you should definitely try it.  You will be amazed at what you can do, especially with all of the support you will receive from your trainers and classmates.
If you’re already a part of Tall Trainer, you know what I’m talking about – just keep it going!

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