The thought of having to take medicine...

transformation stories May 09, 2024

Before joining Tall Trainer,


I had a bit of extra weight I was carrying around. With a full time teaching job, husband , and kids I just wasn’t taking care of myself. My portion sizes were out of control and exercise was inconsistent (sometimes lacking altogether). I just didn’t feel good. 




In December of 2021 I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. The thought of having to take medicine for something I could help control did not sit well with me.


Years before I had won a free trial month with Tall Trainer, but didn’t continue once the free trial month was over. But I still received emails from Jeremy and Sarah.


So,I emailed Sarah and in January I set up some personal training sessions with Amanda twice a week.


In June of 2022, I started attending the daily 5:00 am class. (Amanda assured me I was ready and could do it!) It was truly one of the best decisions ever. I absolutely love coming to class (and truly like the people in my class) and enjoy whatever it may be that Jeremy has planned for us on any given day.


I have lost almost 40 lbs and feel so much stronger and so much more confident! I love going to my closet and not having to try on outfit after outfit to find something that looks “good” or something to “hide” in. I love that when I went to the Luke Combs concert at Highmark Stadium and realized I bought tickets in the 37th row (nosebleed section!) that I didn’t have to worry about climbing all those steps!


I am ashamed to admit that I didn’t continue with Tall Trainer after my first free month because I thought it was “too expensive”. Nope! I’m worth it. I also believe that if I weren’t with Jeremy at Tall Trainer, I’d be doling out money for co-pays, doctor appointments, and various medicines.


My advice to anyone would be to take that first step and get started (you’ll LOVE it), know your “WHY”, and use your setbacks as opportunities for growth. 


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