I didn't know how to turn things around!

Uncategorized Jun 06, 2024

When I started Tall Trainer about a year ago, I was at the saddest place that I can remember.


I was overweight, depressed and tired, and I didn't know how to turn things around.


I decided to try a Saturday class with my mom. It was hard but I knew if I did that on a regular basismy life would be different!


Thankfully, there was room in the 7am class and I started!


I have learned SO much! I have changed the way I eat and many other areas of my lifestyle. I did discover that I can not eat gluten, at all, and that has also changed my cooking and eating habits greatly.


I love the workouts, the support of the trainers and the other people in my class. I feel like everyone there is 100% FOR me and wants me to succeed as much as I do.


I am so grateful for everything that Tall Trainer has done for me and helping me turn things around!

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