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I always wondered...

transformation stories Jan 19, 2024

Meet Cara! She is one amazing girl who has transformed her life! We are super proud of her! Read and be inspired!! She has lost even a little more from this picture and gained more muscle!! . Change IS possible!


Where did you come from, your starting fitness and nutrition level?

 Prior to starting Tall Trainer in June 2023, I did not focus on my nutrition at all. I did not pay attention to portion sizes, snacked multiple times throughout the day, and enjoyed sweets way too much! As for my fitness, I had previously ran multiple 5ks and completed runs 1-3 times a week. I would complete spin classes at home too throughout 2020-2021. I lost my motivation though and began 2023 with minimal physical activity (maybe once a week).


What inspired you to start?

I followed Tall Trainer on social media for a while and always wondered what their classes were like; however, I didn’t think I had enough time to focus on me. I lacked motivation. I was gaining weight, lost my...

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The 10 pound Month!

Recently we offered a 10-pound weight loss challenge.  This is where you had 30 days to lose 10 pounds.  We know that this isn’t always feasible or even necessary to reach your goals.  But sometimes we need a kick in the pants to get up and take action.  We need to prove to ourselves that results are possible.  We need to see some real change so that the momentum can get rolling.  And WOWZA it did get rolling. 


We had 14 people successfully lose 10 pounds in that time frame!  For some of these folks that was their final 10 pound to be at their goal!!!!  Many of these people have been working on weight loss for some time and took the extra push.  Some had starting to let some weight creep back on and wanted to get back to their happy spot.


Other cool things that happened.  We had 26 people on TOP of the 14 loose over 4 pounds.  Some of them were not even going for the challenge. 



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This IS healthcare

This is from Christine! We just adore her!

Here is a glimpse of her journey, maybe you can relate?


From Christine:

I have been on both sides of the alley at Tall Trainer. 


When I started as a client in 2013, I  came to class every day, and used the on-line nutrition program. I reached the goals I had set for myself and had never been quite so healthy and fit! The short story is, I became  a trainer and worked at Tall Trainer for a few years.  It was a wonderful experience,  and I learned a LOT! 


Life changes and I decided to step back as a Trainer and focus my energy on family matters. I continued to exercise at home, when I could fit it in, but everything and everyone seemed to take priority over that hour I thought I'd give myself.


So, two years of that and the weight came back, 30 pounds of it to be exact! I was tired, unhappy with how I felt and looked, and angry with myself for allowing the weight to come...

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My weight had been increasing over the years...

transformation stories Jun 24, 2022


I started my Tall Trainer journey in January of 2020. Prior to starting, I had been mildly active but my nutrition was not great. My weight had been increasing over the years. The only time I had lost weight in the past was if I had kept track of what I ate. Then it would creep back up again. In 2019, I became a grandma- which is THE BEST! I really needed to figure out how to be fit and flexible. I wanted the strength to be able to carry and play with my grandson as he grew. This became my “WHY?” 


I had heard about Tall Trainer years ago and bought their Fitness in Real Life book- and actually read the whole thing and marked it all up. I looked up the website and decided to call and see if maybe I could join a class.


I was amazed and so thankful for the positive information that I received in that phone call. Stacie (the lady who took my call) was so upbeat and said that they were all REAL PEOPLE…who ate pizza! That...

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Real Honest Thoughts

Some REAL and HONEST thoughts from an INCREDIBLE woman.


After tonight's challenging work out I had several thoughts as I drove home. 

The first was " Thank you Lord! I am alive!!!" Seriously though, I realized that I could never have done this work out from start to finish when I began this journey last September. I recall doing it early on & feeling very incompetent as I drove home that night. 


Tonight I know I did not do all the moves perfectly, but I did it all start to finish and feel very good about that. I had overly high expectations for myself when I started last September and it's taken me a long time to fully come to terms with all I needed to work on. Humble Pie is not all that tasty. 


What I see now is that I can write all the goals I want each month, but more importantly, I need to recognize the life/body changes that have occurred each month based on my work in these sessions and be grateful for those. ...

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I was nonexsistant

transformation stories Mar 10, 2022

"In June 2019 I decided to start, my son was getting married so that was my motivation join Tall Trainer.


At that point I was nonexistent as a person - I was at the heaviest I’ve ever been in my entire life. I had given up because I was so heavy.  I felt like I was never going to be able to do it. 


I was almost embarrassed to come in. In my head I thought everyone was in good shape there. I didn’t want  to be measured and have to be accountable.


But, I just got to a point where I was like “I have to do this! I have to put all of that aside”.  The scariest day was the first day I started Tall Trainer.  I hadn’t stepped on a scale in I don’t know how long.  There was a lot of truths that day.  I had to face what I actually weighed and that was a big “smack”.


It was like “wow, I let myself go there"


That was the LAST day I thought...

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I was missing out on doing things I wanted to do

transformation stories Aug 01, 2021

When I started my fitness level was non-existent. I never worked out and rarely even walked longer distances. It was hard to do just about everything, and I got winded so easily that I often opted to just not do activities I wanted to.
I have always been interested in nutrition, but never had the accountability, so rarely stayed on track with numerous diets and healthy eating plans I tried (and trust me, I tried them all).
I was beginning to have problems with my knees, and I would be in severe pain just after a normal day. I was missing out on doing things I wanted to do, because of my size and lack of any type of fitness. I was so concerned about my health that I was giving myself panic attacks over the possibilities of what might happen if I didn't make some changes. I was unhealthy and knew I was headed down a bad road, and was incredibly fed up with "missing out".
Additionally, there had been a series of events in late 2019 that made me come to the hard...
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It’s not just about weight loss

transformation stories Jul 12, 2021

Are you looking for ‘just a gym’ or are you looking for a place that has the potential to change your life?

The people at Tall Trainer have literally changed my life.  Yes, the nutrition lessons and exercise are critical, but it’s the support of like-minded people that has been life changing for me.  And it’s not just about weight loss

While physical health was my main reason for joining, I have found that the benefits related to overall health – including emotional, spiritual, relational, recreational, and financial health have been invaluable.

How could one place touch so many different areas of my life?  I am excited to share my journey, in hopes that it will help even one person make the decision to ‘just try it.’

I have struggled with chronic headaches and thyroid disease for many years and suffered from severe bouts of anxiety and depression even longer.   I was overweight and in constant pain. There...

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Fell into a slump...

transformation stories Jun 14, 2021


I’ve always been a thin female usually around 135# until I hit my late 30’s early 40’s where no matter I couldn’t get below 145. I joined Feb 9, 2021 with a weight loss goal of 45# just to be at 145 again. I am just .6 shy of that goal.

I have always enjoyed working out mainly because of stress and I LOVE food and certain beverages. Though I have an elliptical and a treadmill I found having the support through classes at gyms were indeed needed.

When I came to TT I had gained a good 45# prior. It was the combination of divorce and Covid that lead me to fall into a slump. However, when I reached 175# I started walking 8-10 miles a day but didn't change any other habits such as my increased drinking, grazing throughout the day or being active any other time.

My knees? Lol think you mean needs. With the weight gain over the past 2 years I noticed I was having leakage issues. So bad to the point I am having surgery to correct what gravity and weight gain...

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I felt pretty down on myself

transformation stories Aug 21, 2019
In my younger years, I was physically active working at our family dairy farm.  Then moved on to become a mechanic at Monroe Tractor for ten years.  I had started getting issues with pain in my knees.  I switched jobs to a position that was less physically demanding.   As time went on, my knees seemed to get worse, as my weight fluctuated and my diabetes was getting out of control.   
The thing that pushed me was when my wife got an opportunity to go to a boot camp style workout with some friends.  I knew I wanted to do something to help myself.  I would like to say that I am not the type of person that will just join a gym so this was a big step just walking through the door.  I felt pretty down on myself, embarrassed of how weak and out of shape I had gotten.  Honestly, I was actually afraid I could not make through the warm up the first day.  
The people at Tall Trainer really make you feel welcome...
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