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transformation stories Jan 19, 2024

Meet Cara! She is one amazing girl who has transformed her life! We are super proud of her! Read and be inspired!! She has lost even a little more from this picture and gained more muscle!! 💪🏻💪🏻. Change IS possible!


Where did you come from, your starting fitness and nutrition level?

 Prior to starting Tall Trainer in June 2023, I did not focus on my nutrition at all. I did not pay attention to portion sizes, snacked multiple times throughout the day, and enjoyed sweets way too much! As for my fitness, I had previously ran multiple 5ks and completed runs 1-3 times a week. I would complete spin classes at home too throughout 2020-2021. I lost my motivation though and began 2023 with minimal physical activity (maybe once a week).


What inspired you to start?

I followed Tall Trainer on social media for a while and always wondered what their classes were like; however, I didn’t think I had enough time to focus on me. I lacked motivation. I was gaining weight, lost my energy, felt tired all the time, and couldn’t keep up with my sons. I was constantly anxious and feeling depressed at times. In May 2023, I saw Tall Trainer post about teachers and joining. I didn’t think that it would be possible, but Sarah reached out and offered for me to join the 5am class, beginning in June. Throughout June, I focused on me, my health and fitness. I fell in love with the routine and became so grateful for the supportive classmates. I was happy to have a time for just myself and have continued in the 5am class since!


What have been your greatest achievements?

I have surprised myself by committing to the 5am class for the last 6 months. Before I started, I was definitely not a morning person. The consistency that I have found attending daily classes has greatly improved my motivation and energy for each day. I began running again and improved my times throughout the 3 5ks I completed this Fall. I have learned the strength that I have and the importance of taking time to focus on myself, mentally and physically. By putting my nutrition and fitness as a priority, I have also seen a shift with my husband and sons. They want to be physically active with me more, drink more water and have begun to learn more about their nutrition too.


What were/are your biggest struggles?

My struggles at first were learning about my nutrition and how to portion my meals. Using Vitabot and a food scale to measure, I started to learn more about what my body needed. While working Monday-Friday, I find it easier to stick to my calorie range, protein and vegetables. I still struggle on the weekends and vacations trying to find a balance, especially when attending family gatherings and events.


What have some of your results been, some of your favorite new abilities?

As of the end of December, I have lost 30 pounds and over 4 inches off of my core. I have built my stamina and endurance and found the joy in running again. I’m enjoying and look forward to strength training days and have surprised myself at how much I can push myself and the amount that I can lift. I have more daily energy and am enjoying finding more outdoor/physical activities to do with my sons.


What advice would you give to new clients/members?

I would recommend to new members to give yourself the confidence to try Tall Trainer. Attend as much as you can and begin to use Vitabot. Get to know your classmates and lean on them for encouragement and support. At the end of the month, reflect on what you have learned and how you feel. You will see positive changes but at times, you may struggle too. Use the encouragement from others to continue to focus on you. 




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