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It’s not just about weight loss

transformation stories Jul 12, 2021

Are you looking for ‘just a gym’ or are you looking for a place that has the potential to change your life?

The people at Tall Trainer have literally changed my life.  Yes, the nutrition lessons and exercise are critical, but it’s the support of like-minded people that has been life changing for me.  And it’s not just about weight loss

While physical health was my main reason for joining, I have found that the benefits related to overall health – including emotional, spiritual, relational, recreational, and financial health have been invaluable.

How could one place touch so many different areas of my life?  I am excited to share my journey, in hopes that it will help even one person make the decision to ‘just try it.’

I have struggled with chronic headaches and thyroid disease for many years and suffered from severe bouts of anxiety and depression even longer.   I was overweight and in constant pain. There were days that between the pain, anxiety & depression, I didn’t think I could get out of bed.  I thought I was going to need to go on disability.  I could not imagine living this way forever.

I decided to join Tall Trainer, just for a couple of months to lose a few pounds.  My mother had recently passed away, and I wanted to make sure I took care of myself.  I thought it was too expensive to do long term so I set my expectations that after a month or two, I would find ‘another gym’.  Many people do find that it is a fabulous place to get a jump start on strength training or weight loss.  But for me, I never left.

Here’s why.  To me, it’s not just a gym.  In fact, it’s hard to explain, because it’s so unique – so I’ll provide you a glimpse into why I love Tall Trainer.

Physical – I lost 35 pounds and am at my healthy weight.  I am strong and am still testing the limits of my 51-year-old body.  While I still suffer from headaches, they have improved greatly through the help of a specialized chiropractor recommended to me by one of my Tall Trainer classmates. 

Emotional – Knowing that the trainers and my classmates were there to support me, I was motivated to keep going…to just show up.  Even if all I could do was stretch for the day.  The emotional benefits of exercise are widely researched and known, but sometimes the hurdle to take that first step can be too overwhelming… unless you have a tribe of supporters waiting for you each day. The music is energizing and inspires me to work even harder.  Through a recommendation at Tall Trainer, I recently started working with a counselor who I have really connected with, and I believe is helping me to transform to yet another level.

Spiritual – There is a subtle yet powerful aura at Tall Trainer that has led me to deepen my faith in God.  I thought it was nice that Jeremy started each workout with a prayer, but it was when classmates started to share their faith and prayers for me, that I began to realize the importance of a community of people who genuinely care about one another.  It’s not over the top where I feel pressured to conform to any faith or belief.  Just a gentle grace that lets me know someone has my back.

Relational – I see the same people in class every morning.  Some days I barely talk, other days we have a lot to share.  I like that I can just be myself and do what I need to take care of myself for the day.   

Recreational – It’s just plain fun.  Yes, it’s hard work, but there’s opportunity for laughter every day.  The trainers each have their own sense of humor, and the mix of people in the classes always leaves room for comic relief of some sort!  The workouts are different every day, and I love that I never know what we’ll be doing until I get there.

Financial - How could going to Tall Trainer improve my finances?  Isn’t it expensive?  Well – that’s what I used to think.  Because of the benefits noted above, I have become a stronger person with greater confidence.  I acquired additional professional certifications, was promoted to a new job, and later recruited for another opportunity that proved to be even more prosperous. 

Investing in myself with the support of people at Tall Trainer has been life changing.  I am not ‘cured’ of all ailments, and I still have days and seasons when I struggle.  But they remind me it’s a struggle worth fighting for.   I am worth it.



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