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The 10 pound Month!

Recently we offered a 10-pound weight loss challenge.  This is where you had 30 days to lose 10 pounds.  We know that this isn’t always feasible or even necessary to reach your goals.  But sometimes we need a kick in the pants to get up and take action.  We need to prove to ourselves that results are possible.  We need to see some real change so that the momentum can get rolling.  And WOWZA it did get rolling. 


We had 14 people successfully lose 10 pounds in that time frame!  For some of these folks that was their final 10 pound to be at their goal!!!!  Many of these people have been working on weight loss for some time and took the extra push.  Some had starting to let some weight creep back on and wanted to get back to their happy spot.


Other cool things that happened.  We had 26 people on TOP of the 14 loose over 4 pounds.  Some of them were not even going for the challenge. 


Almost EVERYONE lost weight.  We have several clients that are at their goal weight, but they even lost too.   When you are in an environment of goal focused people that rubs off.  Results are contagious (the good kind of contagious).


We are not weak if we need accountability along the way to be the healthiest version of ourselves.  Health does not just fall upon us – it takes intentional work.


We would love to help you on your journey and the bonus is you will get an amazing group of people that will help you too!  Results are possible for you too!

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