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All because I got a postcard in the mail!

transformation stories Apr 12, 2016
I recently retired from the hospital this past winter. At this new journey I found the opportunity to take time for myself. In the past always working an early start didn’t leave me the opportunity to workout before work and often times running to cover for my grandchildren, I didn't take the needed time for myself, what little was left in the day.

I have always been a target for the at home programs, they lure me in, I purchase one and 2 weeks later it's collecting dust. My lack of self- confidence never made me a fan of group exercise. So my comfort level was at home. But I mustered up the courage to try my first 'Boot Camp', and the experience has been life changing! ...

As I am right on the heels of turning 60 and everyone saying it's impossible to lose weight when you get older.I knew this was made available to me and all I had to do was show up. I can't put into words the experience I have had, with the program, the people I have met, just the sincere...

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Heck..I'll try it for a month!

transformation stories Apr 06, 2016

BEFORE Tall Trainer:
I thought my fitness level was really good.   Before Tall Trainer, I would work out at least 3-4 days a week.  Mainly cardio workouts with some ab tapes and Pilate tape workouts.  I had also started doing some yoga at a local studio.  My cardio was mainly running on my treadmill and walking during my daughter’s soccer practices and games.  I thought I was pretty fit but now I know that I really wasn’t.  My other false sense was the amount of calories I thought I was burning versus what I was really burning.  My treadmill told me 500 calories, yes but that was for an average person that is programmed into the treadmill…I am not an average person and burn much less due to my size.  I was amazed to find all of this out.

I also thought my nutrition level was really good but Tall Trainer has educated me that what I thought was good was really hurting my workouts due to all of the sugar, carbs, red meat,...
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I was ready to take control of my life!

transformation stories Mar 17, 2016

Meet Deb and read her story!


The journey that led me to Tall Trainer began 3 years ago. I had gone through some serious medical issues; we sold our house, moved to the Finger Lakes and built our retirement home all in the span of 1 1/2 years. However, by this time I was exhausted physically and mentally, and knew I needed to make another change in my life....this time, one that would put me in a position where I could enjoy what opportunities life now held for me. In the fall of 2013, I saw a cover ad on the local Penny Saver telling about a fitness program called “Tall Trainer”.....it sounded interesting, but at the time I wasn't quite ready to make a commitment to add another element to my life that would require more time and effort. So the cover page sat on my tabletop for a few more months as the pounds accumulated and the energy level sank...

In January of 2014 I was ready to take control of my life once again. After all, I thought, this is the only...

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My Body is now as strong as my Mind!

transformation stories Mar 09, 2016

Meet Chrissy!

I have done many diets through the years and I always put the weight back on...I come from a family of great cooks so good food has always been around which did not help and then having kids made me cook and bake more things at home...so when I first came to Tall Trainer I was at my lowest (highest weight) I have ever been at.  I was eating badly all the time and not caring and not doing a single stitch of exercise and felt horrible about myself.
The inspiration for me was Christine, she had tried to get me for the longest time to just try a class and always said you can do it but I just did not believe in myself enough to believe I could.  So when I got to the heaviest I had gotten I said that is enough and finally had the courage to take Christine advice and just try it.   I saw how it changed her life and I wanted that change.  I wanted to be able to physical activities with my kids and not feel like throwing up.  I wanted to...
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It gave me what I had been missing..CONSISTENCY!

transformation stories Feb 11, 2016

Meet Christen:

As a teenager I never flipped through fashion magazines, wishing I was model-thin. Instead I admired girls who were runners and athletes. I was more impressed with a person who had muscle and tone instead of someone who was just thin. I wanted to be just like the athletes – someone who was strong and capable, not just skinny. But I never knew how.
Diagnosed with asthma at the age of 12, I shied away from exercise as a kid and used my beleaguered breathing as an excuse. I played tennis in high school because it was a sport I could do that involved the least amount of movement. Needless to say, I wasn’t so good at it, often relegated to the third string of doubles players, if I played at all. I remember dreading the Presidential Fitness Test in school because I was terrified of the timed, one-mile run. I often asked my mom to write me a note to get out of it, blaming it on my asthma.

I struggled with my weight throughout college and into adulthood. I felt...
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I no longer hide behind my clothes

transformation stories Jan 01, 2016

My name is Stacie Rogers and I started Tall Trainer in January 2015.
Before that I felt like I was a hamster spinning around in an exercise wheel but not going anywhere or seeing any progress. I exercised at home sporadically to punish myself for what I had eaten or exercise so I could eat whatever I wanted. That led to me being overweight, frustrated and having low self-esteem that directly affected my role as a mom and wife.

What inspired me to change was realizing if I took an amazing opportunity at Tall Trainer and worked on me, it would transform my life and make me a better wife, mother and friend!
The compassion the trainers had and non-judgmental way they equipped me with my exercise and nutrition totally changed me from the inside out! I no longer hide behind my clothes or sit on the sidelines watching my kids play. I live in the present and am not hiding in the shadows of life!
As of this morning I've lost 23 lbs., 6+ inches from my waste and have...
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I am finally getting the results I wanted

transformation stories Dec 10, 2015

Meet Chuck!!

Where did you come from? Your starting fitness and nutrition level?
Before Tall Trainer I thought I was in really good shape. I work from home so during my lunch break I would run 3+ miles or exercise on my Bowflex machine. I thought I was working hard but never saw the changes I expected from my workouts.  My wife is a member at TT so she used Vitabot and kept a lot of healthy food in the house but somehow I most often chose chips instead of the fruit or vegetables. I assumed my workouts would make up for ANYTHING I ate and again, wondered why I didn’t lose weight and didn’t see any results.
What inspired you to start?
My start at Tall Trainer was based totally on being frugal! There was a contest a few months ago where current members would win free months of workouts if they brought in the most new members. I was hoping if I enrolled for one month my wife would win 3-months free. She did win 1-month, but I was the big winner! After surviving my...
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I wanted to adopt lifelong good eating habits!

transformation stories Nov 11, 2015

Prior to Tall Trainer I was counting my calories using My Fitness Pal and I was working out at the YMCA 5 times a week & walking a couple times a week. I had lost some weight prior to attending Tall Trainer, but I had hit a plateau.

I have always enjoyed working out and was ready to push myself further physically and wanted a challenge. In addition, I wanted assistance with losing weight and wanted to adopt lifelong good eating habits.

I was absolutely amazed that I lost 25 pounds in three months. I didn’t even think that was possible. The trainers and Vitabot taught me the right combinations of food. I’ve increased my protein, reduced my carbs, and increased my fat intake. Vitabot helps set you up for success.

Tall Trainer truly helped me reach my next level of physical ability. All activities seem to be easier now: cycling, weight lifting, running, softball and golf.

Thank you Tall Trainer for helping me obtain the best physical shape I’ve ever been...
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I was very down on myself!

transformation stories Oct 07, 2015

Before doing the Tall Trainer Boot Camp I was very over weight, living a sedentary life, eating all the wrong foods and very down on myself.  I had no motivation to take care of myself and was already diagnosed as type II diabetic.

Then at my yearly doctors visit, I was told that my blood pressure was high and that my cholesterol was not good and that I needed to take meds for that in addition to my diabetes medication.  That is when I realized I needed to make a change. 

A friend suggested I try the Tall Trainer Boot Camp.  I was very scared at first because I was heavy and had been so sedentary for so long in addition to having a bad hip issue but decided to give it a try.  It was the best decision I have ever made! 

The people at Tall Trainer are all so wonderful and they helped me modify different things during our workouts if my hip was acting up. Each time I came to class I realized how much these people cared about me and wanted me to succeed....
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Never a "gym class hero"

transformation stories Sep 23, 2015


What a Transformation Kathy!  You are AMAZING!!

Here is her story:

Our family life with two adults and two active teens had grown into such a hectic rush of work schedules, school activities and volunteer responsibilities that I seriously considered moving my kitchen table into the van in order for us to actually share a meal together. With all too many meals away from home, on the go or short-order style when we were home, my weight had crept up to a significant level of extra pounds. I felt sluggish, had no energy, flexibility or stamina and found I was increasingly dissatisfied with the way I looked.

I started attending Tall Trainer with my son during the summer after he graduated from high school as a way to get him and myself into a better habit of exercise and nutrition awareness before he headed to college.

I was never what Sarah called a “gym class hero” – I didn’t play sports or take dance or gymnastics as a kid, and as an adult I was...
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