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I finally feel I needed to do this for ME!

transformation stories May 10, 2016

Tall Trainer:  Where did you come from?
Nancy:  I feel I didn't have a weight problem till I became a mom and through the years my weight has gone up and down.  I was successful at losing weight often even doing well with Weight Watchers twice.  I also have walked many days with friends and my husband.  However, after joining Boot Camp, I realized that I WAS NOT in proper physical condition for my age.  Boot camp and all of its components has helped me lose 40 pounds to date (still shooting for that last 10) but the most surprising aspect of this whole process has been how strong I feel.  It is just awesome!  I can do things now that had started to become difficult for me.
Nutritionally, I have always eaten well (my vegetables and such), but have learned that I probably took in too many calories per day.  By really focusing on Vitabot (food logging program), it helps me to not have crazy cravings!
Tall Trainer: What inspired you to start?  
Nancy:  I was approaching 50 years of age and realized I could benefit from losing about 50 pounds.  I also wanted to lose weight before menopause, as it would not be as easy from what I understand to lose during this time.  My children were finishing college and moving on with their lives and I finally felt I needed to do this for me.  I have been taking care of my mom (whom we had to move into an assisted living facility) and I have found out that boot camp also has a huge benefit of relieving stress that comes along with that.
Tall Trainer:  What are results?  
Nancy:  So many they are hard to mention all here.  I could never do pushups and now I can do 50+ in a minute-properly!  Strength, nutritional awareness.  Happiness.  I don't get as tired during the day.  A huge sense of accomplishment.  I have met a new group of friends that I know care about me just like I do them!  We are there to support each other.  What better way to make yourself feel good?   Love, Love Tall Trainer-The whole things has enriched my life in so many ways!

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