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A Letter to Alice (pardon the language it was necessary)

mindset weight loss Aug 22, 2019

A letter to Alice

Ok, so Alice is not the real name. This ‘Alice’ I am writing to is actually a real person but I think more people than her need to hear this message. I actually got out of bed to write this because I was so stirred.


I see you are frustrated. The scale has been stuck for a bit maybe even up a little. You often do amazing work in nutrition and exercise but you seem to be stumbling enough to keep yourself stuck. I hear you speak of yourself like you are “weak”. Like you “can’t control yourself.” That you somehow are “not strong enough.”


I call BullSh#t...


I think your biggest problem isn’t that you are weak. I think your biggest problem is you think you are weak. This being weak baloney is not truth!

You are one of the strongest people I know! Sure other people might lift more or move faster that’s not the kind of strength I’m talking about. The strength I’m talking...

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Diet Tug of War

mindset weight loss May 29, 2019

The only battle you will always lose is the battle you have with yourself – John Bradshaw


(this topic is not for everyone, if you don’t want to get too deep enjoy the quote and move on)


John Bradshaw is a titan of family dynamics.  His practice has found that most of us are at war with ourselves.  We know that when we argue with someone else someone always loses.  Your odds are infinitely less favorable when you argue with yourself.  In the Bible it says: “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” – KJV. 


I see this happen inside myself and I see it happen in the people we get to work with too.  They want to lose weight yet they keep sabotaging their own success.  The felt expectations of the world around them cause them to ignore basic self-care.  Logically we know that neglecting self-care will have negative consequences.  But, knowing and feeling are the two places at...

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Proof your mind controls your hunger!

weight loss Feb 20, 2019

I stumbled across this and it was too good not to share. 


Milkshake Study YUM!


Grehlin is the hormone in your body that is responsible for hunger.  (think growlin’ grehlin).  The higher it is the hungrier you are.  They did a study with mostly college students.  There are a lot of studies on college students because for a couple bucks and a milkshake they’ll do just about anything.  So, they had them fast for 3 hours!  Basically, they needed them to be a little hungry.  They checked their Grehlin levels when they got there and then gave them a milkshake called sensible delight that promised guilt free pleasure.  At only 200-300 Calories, low sugar, etc.  They had to wait an hour for the milkshakes effect show up in the blood.  Then they checked the Grehlin levels again.  They had fallen.  Not far but some.  From what we know the more you eat the more they fall so a small milkshake should...

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Why I don’t drink alcohol

Before I even get into it I want you to know I am not against other people drinking alcohol and I think it’s highly likely that Jesus drank alcohol when he was on earth. I’ve just gone through certain life experiences that have led me not to drink.  I’m not saying you have to follow, but I do want to share my reasoning because some of it relates to health and fitness. 


I love lists and bullet points when I’m reading so I supply you skimmers with bullet points to keep you going. 


- Both my Grandfathers were alcoholics.  I did not know either of them real well.  Both died too young (one before I was born).


- I put myself in the hospital one time drinking too much (college).


- The flabbiest I ever got was when I was drinking alcohol the most.  Avoiding alcohol is AWESOME for my ABS!


- There is some research that says it’s good for heart health but several others that say it's no...

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Then DON'T restrict your calories..

Do you feel ALL over the place with your eating?

Perfect meal to HECK with it!

Monday–Friday afternoon =Gold star BUT let’s NOT even talk about the weekend.

I used to ride on this roller coaster SEVERAL times a week. I had very BLACK and WHITE thinking. Perfect or total crap. Tons of veggies and lean protein to diving into as many refined carbs as I could get my paws on.

With my eating disorder history, any thought of “restricting” calories sends me into a TOTAL tail spin. I don’t think you have to have had an eating disorder to have a similar cycle. Years of yo-yo dieting can have the similar effects.

I HAD to change my mindset about how I was eating and tracking my food if I stood a chance at getting control over this ugly pattern that TOTALLY drained me and left me feeling hopeless, weak and defeated.

If restricting your calories causes more binges…THEN DON’T RESTRICT YOUR CALORIES and focus on cutting down on the binges.

What is a...

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The NEW incentives in Boot Camp

New Boot Camp Climb

We've been thinking about this for years and finally have decided on a way to do it.  We wanted to allow you to have more to shoot for than just survival of boot camp so we've made levels and incentives similar to the martial arts system.  Watch the video to find out more!  If you weren't here on day one this month definitely watch the video!  CLICK HERE

My hope it this helps you to reach higher and do better!  2018 is going to be a GREAT year!

Jeremy 'tall trainer' Biernat

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Halloween Candy Rules

(how many calories and how hard is it to burn that stuff off anyway?)

VIEW on FOX Rochester

My mom agreed to go on the News with me last week and ride an exercise bike to burn off the Calories in the piece of candy I'm holding.  Yeah that's my mom!  I'm 36 and I'm not the oldest kid.  She is a great spokes person for our program AND Exercise / Nutrition in general!

4 Helpful Candy Rules:

1 - Don't buy it until the day before (if you already have...Danger!)
2 - Buy Candy you don't like
3 - Don't open the BIG bag - once you do you'll be more tempted
4 - Make a kids day - at the end of trick or treating dump all your candy in the last kids bag and turn out the light.  That kid will remember it forever!!!  (and you won't start your holiday weight gain early)

At anywhere from 20-120 Calories for a "fun sized" candy you could easily bring in an extra 500 calories per day in a couple bites.  Plus the high sugar content makes you more hungry...

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News-3 things that could end the health care crisis!

Hey Friend,

You may have seen this online but just in case you haven't it is a very shocking and hyping kind of statement that I said first in a class off the cuff.  I began thinking about it deeper and realized "Whoa, if we could get everyone doing these 3 things it could end the health care crisis!"  Of course getting people to do anything is the ultimate challenge, but maybe you can do these things for yourself to decrease your chances of having a personal health care crisis. 

You might have heard about these before but I find I need reminders constantly.

>>Click on the image or this link to watch <<

If you are local and want to hear a Faith based health and fitness talk I've got the honor to fill in at the West Bloomfield Congregational Church at 10 am THIS Sunday!  (  I'm used to speaking but does it mean I'm preaching if it's in front of a church on Sunday?  :o)  (God help me represent You well!!!)

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They Stole It!

They stole it!


(Lori Photo Bombing my sign - She didn't steal it...I don't think?)

I guess I cannot blame them. I knew better but decided to take a chance.  You guys know how when something is easy to do you are more likely to do it?  And when something is harder to do it you are less likely to do it?  Well I made it too easy for them.  Here’s what happened and what we can learn about human nature to help us lose weight. (After all there is a weight loss and health lesson in everything!)


We are holding a weight loss contest that starts next week.  (details here if you want to join, over $3,900 in prizes)  I had an extra yard sign in my car that I hadn’t put out yet.  So last night when I was unloading our Lowes supplies for some house projects I decided to put it out.  I wanted it to be visible well so I put it about a foot away from the sidewalk.  (you already know what happened...

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How to get motivated…

This just happened last month and I cannot stop bragging about her.  This is a huge deal!  It takes consistent effort and motivation to stick with it long enough for this kind of result!

How does something like this happen? 

How to get motivated…


I gave a seminar last month and I sometimes ask people what they want to get out of this talk.  One of the comments was: How to get motivated? There are many things in our life that we would like to improve on.  Most of these improvements require change and effort, and because of this they sit sometimes for years not done. 


So the question is how do we actually get started?


I am going to give you a couple ideas and finish with how I see people staying motivated long enough to reach their goals. 


I would love to tell you people start because they want to be skinny, healthy, strong, and fabulous. They do want that but the real starting motivation is to no longer...

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