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Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast

weight loss Apr 09, 2020

This is most likely the key phrase for mastering any physical skill.  But I think it relates well to our weight loss attempts too.  The phrase may most often be used in shooting where being jittery is no good.  Slowing yourself down so you can do it right means you get it faster.  And once you get good at it the results are repeatable. 


If you’ve ever been in a panic trying to do something fast you might have experienced this.  It’s raining outside and you are trying to unlock the door fast.  In your attempt to do it fast you drop the keys twice, find the wrong key once, and miss the lock three times. 


It takes you WAY longer than if you had decided to just go slow. 


I think our weight loss can sometimes look like this.  We lose weight fast on some CRASH diet frantically striving only to gain it back.  Accepting a slower rate of weight loss that will transition better into “real life”, Is way more valuable. 


So, I want to encourage you to focus on the critical habits and begin to master them.  Accept that you need to do things the slow way so that you can be more consistent.  Not starve one day to binge the next and end up right where you started or worse. 


Keep a food Journal, measure your food, and learn. 


This will not create overnight success.  But, it will create a consistency that you can make small changes to that will get you exactly where you want to go. 


And wouldn’t it be nice to be able to stay there once you arrived?


Choose the non-flashy consistent way.  You’ll get there faster I guarantee it!




About the Author:

Jeremy “the tall trainer” Biernat is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Strength Coach, has his Bachelors in Exercise Science, and enjoys writing, speaking, and inspiring people online and in person. See his new book!  More importantly he is a husband, father, and follower of God. His practice is in upstate NY (Canandaigua) where he works with people in one on one and group sessions to make awesome changes in their lives. He doesn’t do everything perfect, cries in movies, and would love to hear from you. You can contact Jeremy by commenting to this post, emailing [email protected], or calling 1(800)380-7047. 

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