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113 rewards that aren't food

healthy lifestyle mindset Nov 20, 2023

Sometimes I don’t even know what I like to do anymore.  I get caught up in the busyness of the day and my “to do” list that I don’t even once think about myself.   I am a doer.  I like to be busy and have projects going.  Somewhere along the line my worth got caught up in being measured by how much I can get done.  This gets out of hand often and I forget to give myself permission to rest and just be me.  

For a long time (and still sometimes) I was very uncomfortable with not being busy.  When I was just plain exhausted and wanted to stop “doing” the only thing I would give myself permission to do was eat.  Somehow this didn’t make me feel guilty about not producing something or doing something because eating was a necessity.  But I wasn’t eating healthful things, I was eating foods to numb my unsettled feelings.


Turns out I am not alone in this.  We asked our clients to give lists of what they like to do besides eat.  Eating is so much a part of our culture that we forget there are other things to do besides eat.


Look below and see if you are inspired or reminded of something you like to do as well.  Keep a list in your mind and ask yourself next time you find yourself munching if one of these would fill you up in better way.  


We are made to work AND play AND be creative (and not occasionally, it’s more like daily)



What I like to do besides Eat:


  1. Buy a new outfit
  2. Allow yourself a weekend of NO chores
  3. Enjoy a movie binge day
  4. Get a massage/spa day
  5. Sleep in!
  6. Treat yourself to a new book/”toy” you wanted.
  7. Treat yourself and your best friend to go visit a new town.
  8. Buy new pillows
  9. Take a bubble bath
  10. For small goals, every time you reach one put $1 in a jar. At the end of the year treat yourself to that money.
  11. Learn something new
  12. Rest
  13. Clothes that fit better
  14. Reading
  15. Jigsaw puzzle/crossword puzzle
  16. Family game or movie night
  17. Facetime with Friends
  18. Family visits
  19. Boat Ride
  20. Play with dogs
  21. Sewing
  22. Scrapbooking
  23. Napping
  24. Mani/Pedi
  25. Attend a show
  26. Get outside to walk/hike
  27. Listen to Music
  28. Flowers
  29. Cooking class
  30. Buy exercise Equipment
  31. Day off from work
  32. Clean car/car wash
  33. Go to the movie theater
  34. Day at the Lake
  35. Go to a sporting event (Bills)
  36. Roller Blading
  37. Doing a face mask
  38. Going to the thrift store
  39. Going to bed early
  40. Sitting on the porch
  41. Video Games
  42. Bowling
  43. New piece of music gear
  44. Listening to music on a walk
  45. Snuggle time
  46. Facial
  47. Walk the dog
  48. Work on gardens
  49. Getting a hug
  50. Going to Hobby Lobby
  51. Getting together with friends
  52. Hanging out with grandchildren
  53. Treat yourself to a new hairdo
  54. Go on a date with spouse
  55. Working in yard
  56. Painting my own nails
  57. Find a waterfall
  58. Clean a drawer
  59. Buy a new bra
  60. Thank a Veteran
  61. Encourage a child
  62. Buy flowers for someone
  63. SMILE
  64. Read the bible
  65. Sit and Breathe
  66. Sit on the beach
  67. Do a bible study
  68. Petting my cat
  69. Looking at the lake
  70. Hearing Rain hit the roof
  71. Watching the growth of a garden
  72. Catching up with friends
  73. Back Rub from significant other
  74. TRAVEL
  75. Get lost in nature
  76. Kayaking
  77. Bike riding
  78. Day trip
  79. Concert
  80. Buy new shoes
  81. Place a stone in a jar and see how it fills up
  82. Plan a day away
  83. Hire a cleaner for a day
  84. Donate to a food pantry
  85. Buy a new cookbook
  86. New workout outfit
  87. New makeup
  88. Walk with a friend
  89. Rest in a hammock
  90. Redecorate a room or small space
  91. Dance
  92. Float in the pool
  93. Go to a fun event
  94. Plan a vacation
  95. Journal
  96. Buy a new toy “electronics”
  97. Sleep in
  98. Go to a batting cage
  99. Go to a driving range

    100.Help a Neighbor

    101.Try a New craft project

    102.Goal setting

    103.Mission trips

    104.Subscriptions to stich fix

    105.Leisure walks (not for exercise but for relaxation

    106.Buy a plant or fresh flowers.

    107.Make a blanket fort

    108.Go to a farmers market or craft show

    109.Jam out session to your favorite song

    110.Ride a horse

    111. Learn a new skill


    113. Volunteer



Pick the ones that "speak to you" or add your own. Try do at least one a week if not one a day!! I dare ya 🤪


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