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How do you find your ideal weight?

By Admin | on May. 4, 2017

I get asked this sometimes and it’s a tricky answer.  Someone just asked me this one the other day and I wanted to do a good job of explaining this so I decided to answer it publicly so more people can benefit from the answer I give.  When we are trying to lose weight most people have a target. How do you know you have the right target? I’ll say that I think most people set the dream target too

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3 ways you are TRASHING yourself and our planet!

By Admin | on April. 22, 2017

The same habits, behaviors, and thought processes that cause us to have extra fat on our bodies and balances on our credit cards are also what causes us to damage the earth around us.  Philip Mills author of “Fighting Globesity”, makes a great connection between personal care and health and environmental care and health.  What makes us unhealthy is also what makes the earth unhealthy and vice versa!   3 things to think about on this Earth Day: 1.) More More More

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4 F-words and Christianity

By Admin | on April. 16, 2017

{Warning: if you are not a Christian some of this may seem weird or confusing how I am comparing Dieting to Our relationship with God. If you want to talk to me about it or hear about why I believe this way, please know I am available.}   Before you go there, it’s not a bad word repeated 4 times. Although dieting can feel that way at times. I’m talking about 4 words that I think need to be a part of

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They Stole It!

By Admin | on April. 16, 2017

(Lori Photo Bombing my beautiful sign) I guess I cannot blame them. I knew better but decided to take a chance. You guys know how when something is easy to do you are more likely to do it? And when something is harder to do it you are less likely to do it? Well I made it too easy for them. Here’s what happened and what we can learn about human nature to help us lose weight. (After all there is

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How to Get Motivated...

By Admin | on April. 12, 2017

I gave a seminar last month and I sometimes ask people what they want to get out of this talk. One of the comments was: How to get motivated? There are many things in our life that we would like to improve on. Most of these improvements require change and effort, and because of this they sit sometimes for years not done. So the question is how do we actually get started? I am going to give you a couple ideas and

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Are you stuck planning to plan?

By Admin | on April. 6, 2017

I was talking to different clients at the beginning of this month. I was asking them, “What are you working on this month?” and “How can I help you?” Many people were saying they were wanting to eat better or lose weight. If I asked them how they intended to do this they usually didn’t have much to say. They were figuring they would just try more. It reminded me that: We are not held back as much by our effort

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What to do about the Bra Strap Flab?

By Admin | on February. 17, 2017

It’s time we talked…   Here is a question / problem people ask me about fairly regularly. Ok, so maybe no guys have ever asked me this. This is a question women ask their trainers fairly often. What can I do about that bit of flab that bulges around my bra on my back? Surprise, surprise, it’s not a quick answer. Which is why it gets asked about. You need to understand a few things about this area first. P.S. if guys were

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3 steps to an AMAZING weight loss week!

By Admin | on February. 10, 2017

I have never seen anyone do these 3 things and not have AMAZING results in the week after.  They are horribly basic and as soon as I list them you might even say, "of course!"  They nearly guarantee success but we don't do them very much!   The 3 things are: 1.) Plan 2.) Purchase 3.) Prep Plan - Sit down and make a plan for the meals this week.  Maybe it's taco salad on Tuesday, chili packed with lean meat and veggies on Wednesday,

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Nothing is better for you than sugar!!!

By Admin | on February. 7, 2017

Wait... What?... Nothing is better for you than sugar?  You mean sugar is a health food? whoops...I mean... Nothing, is better for you than sugar! Or said a different way...It's better for your health to eat nothing than to eat sugar. That's quite a claim!  Can I back it up?  Not personally but science can!  This is a pretty new idea that is still just starting to get attention.  After all it was only 1793 that they discovered this concept!  (hee hee, well maybe it's not

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9 Reasons it’s Better to be Overweight

By Admin | on February. 4, 2017

If there are so many reasons we should be skinny why are any of us overweight? Have you ever done a pros and cons table when making a decision? You list all the positives for making the decision on one side and list all the negative results on the other. At first some people may think there are no benefits to being overweight, but I’ve been training people long enough to know that isn’t true. Sometimes we are even unaware

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