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Why GMO’s are a good thing

healthy lifestyle Mar 04, 2019

 It’s really easy to find things to demonize.  Turn on the news, read a newspaper, or gossip about the neighbors.  It’s easy to find someone to criticize or blame for a problem.  If we can step outside of ourselves and see the other angles it can be very enlightening.  It doesn’t mean you change your beliefs.  It just means you understand the other point of view better. 


When we get into this black and white thinking it takes us down a bad mental, emotional, and spiritual path.  Now before I tell you about the good of GMO’s let me assure you that in our modern 1st world country we have infinite choices and we should choose not to eat GMO crops for the most part. 


So why are they good?


Let me explain to you how I came to understand the gray area.  We have a book called “the kid who saved the world” by Andy Andrews.  It’s a kids book and it’s super cute.  It’s not particularly about GMO’s but it is at the same time.  The premise of the story is one person effects another who effects another and in the end Billions of lives are saved.  Yeah...with a B!  


Someone figured out how to develop corn and soy (apparently apples are another big one) that didn’t need as much chemicals and could survive better.  It was resistant to weed killer so it could grow unhindered and supply more food per acre.  It also called for less fossil fuel since the farmers did not have to work the fields over as many times.  This meant cheap food to feed Billions of starving people.  It sounds like a good deal right?  The problem is there are links to cancer later on down the road.  Many of the people who were saved by this would never have lived long enough to get cancer.  There is still tons of mystery where and how cancer gets to flourishing in our bodies.  And I can’t even begin to advise you on cancer prevention and cure.  (I do know vegetables are your best bet). 


I’m not here to defend GMO’s and say that you should eat them.  If you are reading this message it means you most likely know when your next meal is.  Since you are wealthy enough to know this, you are wealthy enough to make choices.  Corn is represented in over 10,000 items in the grocery store.  The cheapest corn to grow is GMO corn so that’s where most of it is.  High Fructose Corn Syrup is a big source (soda) and even mass raised animals are fed this corn.  As I mention these things, hopefully it is already becoming obvious that we shouldn’t be eating that much processed food anyway.  As far as animal products, we need to think about getting them from a more local source, grass fed, small herd, etc. 


If you occasionally eat a GMO product it is not as big a deal as long as your diet consists of unprocessed vegetables for the most part.  You are thankfully free to make up your own mind on this.  I hope I was able to help you see that life is unfortunately not as easy as black and white thinking.  Thankfully we have choices over what we eat.  We can pay a little more and eat less processed.  The people who can’t,  I’m thankful there is a way to prevent them from starving. 


Welcome to the messy gray zone!


About the Author:

Jeremy “the tall trainer” Biernat is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Strength Coach, has his Bachelors in Exercise Science, and enjoys writing, speaking, and inspiring people online and in person. See his new book!  More importantly he is a husband, father, and follower of God. His practice is in upstate NY (Canandaigua) where he works with people in one on one and group sessions to make awesome changes in their lives. He doesn’t do everything perfect, cries in movies, and would love to hear from you. You can contact Jeremy by commenting to this post, emailing [email protected], or calling 1(800)380-7047. 

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