What makes Tall Trainer upset?


I’m known for being positive and smiley every day.  So, what wipes the smile off my face?


Notes like this:


“Unfortunately, due to his body fighting him in several locations and his love of food, it was a downward spiral of losing the mobility to do the exercises he really loved, skiing and mountain biking, plus the comfort his love of food brought him that sadly ended in losing him to a heart attack in September.” 


I asked her if I could share this message with others and she said please, if her husband’s story could reach one person and help them it would "be awesome." 

Because stories like these become more real when you see the people here is Heather and Bobby…just a couple kids. 



It’s not right.  Bobby was about 55 years old and should have had 20 - 30 more “good” years.  I am not blaming him.  He was a good man.  Actually, probably a great man from the rest of the note I got.  He was by his wife’s side through brain surgery and 2 cancers encouraging her to get outside and even biking with her.  This can happen to us all.  He got super discouraged and as former military his persona made it hard to ask for help. 


At 55 years old it could be easy to think…I’ll work on dropping weight in the next couple years…I know I should do something about this and I will…soon.


But, this message reminds me of the injustice of people DAILY dying before their time from things that could possibly have been different. 


Then I hear people say, “your program is kind of expensive.” 


Expensive compared to what?


It’s expensive if all you want is a workout, and you already know what you’re doing, and how to do it, and your body works perfect, and your motivation is sky high.  Join a gym or jump on youtube.  Workouts are essentially free. 




If you are low on HOPE

you feel tired and discouraged

your blood numbers are climbing

you are pretty sure it’s too late

you can’t imagine another path and there is nothing left you can do but ride this into the grave. 




If you are the right client for us you’ll get so much more than you thought you were buying.  People think they are paying for a workout.  NOPE.  You are paying to turn back the clock, to restore your joints, to boost energy, to smile more, to process stress better, to bend move and play with kids and usually grandkids too!  Sure, your pants will get smaller.  People will complement you more.  And you’ll have moments you look in the mirror and say, “not bad!” 


But you’ll also be lowering your risk for hundreds of serious health issues. 


I think exercise and better (not perfect) nutrition can extend how many years you live…


…but more importantly it can increase the life available in those years! 


Many people retire at 65 and get to live to 85 but it’s full of pain, doctors appointments, and sitting at home.  What’s the point of living 10-20 more years of depression, anxiety, pain, and boredom?  …I think that sounds awful too!


I think life can be more than this.  If you do too then you also know how valuable that is. 


We say words like “priceless” a lot but we don’t use our money to protect and defend the most priceless things.  If it cost a couple hundred dollars to get a breakthrough in health and fitness.  To learn about how weight loss happens and how to maximize health and ability.  Isn’t it cheap? 


Bobby’s life is priceless!  It seems callous to even say 30 years is worth $1,000,000 because it’s actually worth more!  His earning potential is at least that, but we are more than how much money we can make. 


If you are in your 50s and 60s or even 70s or 80s and you are resigning yourself to declining until it’s over.  I beg you to give us a try.  We even have a 100% money back guarantee.  You FINISH your first month with us and aren’t loving what you experienced, learned, and your results we will give you that money back!!


You don’t have to be in shape AT ALL!! and the workouts are structured so no one is left behind.  Just a group of good people who are all doing their best.  Please, don’t let the feeling you need to “get in shape” first stop you from asking for help.  Our program is NOT “to hard for you!!”  Like goldielocks and the 3 bears we have found a way to make it “just right!”


Contact us today…no…right now!  Life is full of “I’ll do it laters” that we don’t get to until it’s too late!  Do this one.  Take a chance.  We guarantee you’ll feel better…SO MUCH BETTER and if you don’t, FREE certainly isn’t too expensive. 


Email me [email protected]


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Call us 585-260-4235



P.S. Thank you Heather for letting us share this story.  I pray it reaches others and helps them make changes they need to whether in our program or not.  I also pray that Bobby can know he is still making the world a better place and I look forward to meeting him when it’s my turn. 

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