Water Workout Live Video

exercise videos Jul 25, 2017

Hey Friend,

I have an open invite to go on Fox Rochester EVERY MONTH and share something helpful with their viewers.  I thought it was time to give them a more active segment so I brought a gallon of water... 

Click Here or on the above picture to watch the segment

I tried to show 9 exercises in quick succession while spitting out a few helpful tips about water:

Squat w/arm out  10x L 10x R
V-ups  20x
Shake it up!  20x up & 20x side

Lunge Position Back Fly  10x L 10x R
Push-up Slide  10x or 20x
High Knees  30x

Burpee w/Press  10x
Booty Bridge  10x each or 20x both
Plank Triceps  10x L 10x R

We all know we are made mostly of water...why do we hold back from drinking so much?  Water is a major part of every system in our body so it's absence (or lower level) makes nearly everything worse while it's presence makes nearly everything better! 

Headaches?  Back Pain?  Neck Pain?  Constipation?  Excess Weight?  Low Energy?  Arthritis? 

I'm not saying water fixes everything but WHAT IF it could make you feel better?  Isn't that an easy fix?

"You're not sick you're thirsty, don't treat thirst with medication." - from the book Your Bodies Many Cries For Water. 

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