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transformation stories Nov 21, 2017

Lynn's transformation:

For as long as I can remember I have had an issue with my weight. I started gaining at 12, was able to maintain that weight gain through my teen years, with only a few ups and downs on the scale.

Then came married life and children. As the years crept along so did my weight. I would try to lose on my own and I would do ok for a short time but then would give up and the weight would come back. When my children were young I was a stay at home mom. I loved that I was able to do so but of course that meant I had easy access to the kitchen. Making “treats” for the kids meant I had “treats” too. I always longed to be thinner. At that time in my life it wasn't about being healthy and fit, it was only about being thinner. Longing and wishing didn’t produce the results I wanted.

When I was in my early 40’s, I was at my heaviest. I remember a friend of mine had asked me if I would like to join a Bible study weight loss program. As she explained it to me, it sounded intriguing so I decided to join. That was the beginning of my weight loss journey. I lost 30-40 pounds and was feeling good about myself and my accomplishment. I was able to keep that off but was stuck and was not able to take anymore off.

Then as I was nearing my 50th birthday, I was attending a Ladies Bible study at my church. One day we had a special speaker come in to talk about weight loss, nutrition and exercise. This young man had just moved back to his hometown, Canandaigua, and was starting a Personal Training business. It was my first introduction to Jeremy Biernat, the Tall Trainer. That talk impressed me and I felt that this was what I was looking for to jump start my weight loss again!
So I hired him as my personal trainer!

That started the next chapter of my weight loss journey except this time my mindset was different. I was striving for health and a fit body. Jeremy’s help with workouts and working this nutrition program called “Vitabot,” I was able to drop about 25 lbs. And then some major life circumstances happened. I was planning on only taking a few months off but it ended up being 3 years. I had put back on those 25 lbs and got stuck again. So back to Tall Trainer I came because I knew this program worked! Since then I have taken off 35+ lbs and have changed my life, as I am now a Personal Trainer!! I still struggle now and again but I know I’m in the right place this time and doing what I love, helping others along their health journey!!!

**Can you all even recognize her!  What a transformation she has had!  So much so that it has become her profession!  She understands the up's and down's and is a wealth of knowledge in the weight loss process!******

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