Some day is HERE

transformation stories May 20, 2018

I kept seeing ads for the tall trainer in the Penny saver and kept thinking boy could I use that, I hadn't really exercised in at least five years, I pretty much ate whatever I wanted with no real thought to how it was effecting my health or body, I was drinking at least one 20oz bottle of soda daily. I take medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol and lost my father to heart disease before his 50th birthday. I knew I needed to make some changes but never just got around to it.

I saw an ad for a couple of free classes at Tall Trainer and figured I would try it out. The first class was a kickboxing class, it was a blast, I didn't know what to expect but everyone was very welcoming and encouraging. So, I decided now was the time to give it a try. I am so very glad that I did!

I looked forward to the daily boot camps, it was always something different. Andrew always made it fun. Everyone in the class was so supportive that when I thought I couldn't possible push that sled another step everyone was cheering me on, well I couldn't let them down. Well, guess what they never let me down either. I still have more work to accomplish and hope to be able to get back to boot camp soon, I really miss everyone and especially the weight classes. I can now fit into a dress that I haven't been able to wear in 17 years, I know who keeps a dress for that long but I always kept it saying someday I want to be able to fit into it again, some day is here, and I couldn't have done it without the expert guidance from everyone at the tall trainer and the vitabot nutrition program. 

I find that I have more energy and that I don't dread exercising. I am very proud of the hard work so far and that I took the time to make these improvement for myself. The vitabot program really opened by eyes to how many calories I was really consuming every day, and how to change by eating habits to really impact by health and how I looked and felt.

I still have some goals to complete but I am confident that I will reach them, I have even registered for a half tough mudder this August and I think I will try a 5k this July. I can't thank everyone at the Tall Trainer enough for all your hard work, guidance, caring and support, being in boot camp feels like being part of a big healthy family not just a customer. Hope you are all well, see you soon.

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