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Preventing the Old Age Slouch/Hunch


I have the repeated honor of appearing on FOX ROCHESTER's morning show "Good Day Rochester" on a monthly basis.  This time I talked about the "old age" slouch which isn't quite old age anymore. 

I did forget one of my points that I wanted to make.  (live TV is tough!)  I forgot to mention Wolff's Law that says our bones change based on the stress put on them.  "If you keep making that posture you're going to get stuck that way." 

Your bones will actually form to that shape and you might not be able to UNDO what you have done!  While you still can straighten up make sure you are proactively working on this!  Watch the video above for a few ideas on how to fight this.

While I have your attention I wanted to share something I'm pretty excited about!  There are still 5 days left until the end of this boot camp session but our clients are already down:

161.4 Pounds in November!!! 

I am so excited that they are experiencing that level of success in such a tough month.  There are many of our clients who have already reached their goal weight so this number means even more for those who are still on the quest!

If you are wanting to lose weight you don't have to wait until NEW YEARS!  December boot camp starts Monday November 27th (right after thanksgiving weekend).  Contact us to grab one of the few remaining spots!  1(800)380-7047. 

From Your Trainers at Tall Trainer,

Jeremy, Andrew, Lynn, and Sarah


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A: He got the stuffing knocked out of him!

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