It was nothing like I thought it would be

transformation stories Jun 21, 2017

Lynda's Transformation:

A friend, Fran, had asked me if I wanted to come to Tall Trainer’s “bring a friend day” but I figured I was too busy. It wasn’t that I was too busy really. It was that I was embarrassed that I had let myself get so heavy and I didn’t think I could do what they would ask of me.  Then I saw Fran again and she said there was going to be another “bring a friend day” if I’d like to join her, but if I didn’t that was ok. I thought about it and decided to try it.

So, I attended my first day. It was nothing like I thought it would be! Everyone there was welcoming. After that day, I decided to join!  It was difficult, I’ll admit. I hadn’t exercised in years because I hated it and I hated sweating! But I decided I needed to challenge myself to continue and to eat much healthier than I was. I kept plugging along and entered what I ate into Vitabot (an excellent tracker).  The next week and the next I was doing much better. I continued to lose weight and several inches. At the 3 month mark I had lost a little over 20 pounds and I felt so much better and was stronger.

I’ve learned to like some things that I never thought I’d like, especially smoothies with spinach (lots of spinach)! For me, I need Vitabot. I’ve tried doing a week here or there without it and I don’t do as well. I look forward to attending the class each time. We not only exercise but there is also a lot of laughter and camaraderie. The trainers are very good at helping you move properly so you don’t get hurt and to get the optimum benefit from what you are doing.   Jeremy, Christine and Lynn are the trainers that are normally in the class that I attend. (Because of the hour that I attend I don’t usually see Sarah, Andrew)  Everyone there  gives you motivation, guidance and support.  Thank you so much!  All of you are absolutely awesome!!

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