I started to realize my clothes were getting snug-er!

transformation stories Jan 18, 2018

Prior to last year, I worked in Buffalo for 8 years, staying there during the week.  I rented a room from a lady and although I had full access to the kitchen, cooking is not for me.  Tried to bring food for the week with me on Monday mornings and it was usually just skimpy salads, sandwiches, cheese & crackers and the like.  Easy to make/easy to eat but not too nutritious.  That was my "work life" and when I came home on the weekends I usually stayed home  because I was away from home all week.  My husband has been doing all the cooking for years now and I've been eating the delicious meals he makes... almost always going back for seconds!

I started working from home a year ago June and my office just happens to be right around the corner from the refrigerator.  By September of last year I started to realize my clothes were getting snug-er and I wasn't doing anything for exercise. I had been seeing the Tall Trainer ads in the Penny Saver for quite a while so I called, took down the information about the program and "filed" it away.  Just wasn't ready to take that first step yet.  The weather was getting colder and the big, heavy sweaters and oversize winter coats all fit me fine!  Well, come June of this year, I was over 200 lbs, summer was here, I had no clothes that fit me and hadn't exercised in over 2 years.  It was time to do something so I called Tall Trainer again. The class time fit into my schedule so I decided to take the leap.  And a leap it was!!  I remember the first day doing the warm up... jog in place.  OK, I can do that.  Jumping Jacks... OK  I can do that.  WAIT A MINUTE!!  MY FEET WON'T COME OFF THE GROUND!!!  When did I lose the ability to do jumping jacks????  I loved gym class many years ago!!  Where did the muscles, flexibility, endurance go all of a sudden?!  

Well, after being in boot camp for 6 months now, I'm finding those things again and I love it!   I've lost over 30 lbs but that is almost secondary to the strength, confidence and flexibility that I've gained back in such a short time.  I realize that you don't lose those things "all of a sudden".  It's so true... use it or lose it.  

I look forward to boot camp in the mornings and enjoy the camaraderie in the class.  Everyone is there for the same purpose - to improve themselves both physically and mentally, with the help of an excellent trainer, Jeremy - and have a lot of fun while doing it!  Some days are harder than others but I like that they're all challenging and varied.  If something is too hard for me to do (like the jumping jacks!) or too hard on my mature bones, modifications are made and I'm able to go forward with the workout without losing a step!  I have learned so much and have come so far in such a short time, it's amazing.  I would urge anyone of any age to try Tall Trainer for a month.  You will definitely notice the difference physically and in attitude at the end of 30 days.  If you think you can't, YOU CAN!!

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