I noted how fit and Healthy my wonderful neighbor looked

transformation stories Feb 20, 2018

Over the years, I read stories in the Daily Messenger about Tall Trainer. A few years ago, I noted how fit and healthy my wonderful neighbor Dawn looked. She told me she was working out with the Tall Trainer and spoke about how they work around an individual’s physical limitations and that she enjoyed the system. Last fall, I saw my neighbor again and asked if she was still going to Tall Trainer. She resoundingly said yes and admitted what an addiction it had become.

I was interested in losing weight. I was looking for a program that would fit into my work schedule and might be inspiring enough to succeed with. I called Tall Trainer and heard some details around how the Boot Camp program combines fitness, nutrition and group personal training, a very well rounded approach, etc. My immediate interest was to lower the numbers on the bathroom scale, that other stuff was interesting fluff. I did have the faith this would be somehow different than the $10/month fitness club I joined but sporadically attended. It was cheap, but there was no commitment to develop a sustainable routine or plan to achieve any results. Sometimes the gym was too busy to use the machines, so I readily changed my plans to shorten my time there. 

While I anticipated my first Boot Camp session, I had conjured up a vision of The Biggest Loser and expected to find Jillian and Bob clones. Thankfully, I found Andrew, Jeremy, Sarah and Lynn. Indeed, nothing could have quite prepared me for how different Tall Trainer would be and how much I would connect with its tenets. I did not fully understand how comprehensive the program would be (physically, nutritionally, mentally, holistically); how much I would come to love the ever changing, ever demanding routines; how connected I would become with the trainers (especially Andrew, who is my main coach/trainer and is in tune with goals and needs); how inspirational and supportive other boot campers would be; or that boot camp would not “end” after one month. Instead of competing against others or comparing myself to others, I learned my competition is with myself and against some long ingrained habits.

Over the past several months, the effort I have dedicated with the Tall Trainer has really changed my life. I have dropped my “bad” cholesterol by over 35 points and my doctor and I discussed the exercise I was doing, not the exercise I needed to start doing. I feel much more comfortable in my clothing. I am not bringing as much work stress home, as it disappears in the Tall Trainer gym. I look forward to a four mile hike being a relaxing exercise, and not the prerequisite for an indulgent dinner (although it might be). My husband and I are much more apt to plan and prepare healthier, well rounded recipes on a consistent basis.

The workouts are challenging, but manageable. The sessions are varietal and interesting. The personal attention, encouragement, praise and humor create an atmosphere that motivates me to work harder every day. It is very rewarding to be strong enough to face the challenges of a class. I found a program that I truly enjoy and look forward to. I feel much healthier than I have in years. I am thankful to be a part of such a phenomenal system. I also understand more about nutrition; not to focus on calories alone, but the proportion of carbs, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and water. It is really much more than a number on the scale, but having a healthy body. The choices I make every day impact my ability to be in control of my future. Tall Trainer has started me on an amazing journey.

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