I needed to make a serious change!

transformation stories Sep 20, 2017

Jenny's Transformation:

When I joined Tall Trainer in October of 2015, I was in serious need of making a change in my nutrition and fitness levels.  I had lost weight before but was pretty close to my highest weight ever.

My motivation came from inside.  I realized that I needed to make a change or run the risk of health problems.  I was also feeling limited in what I could do and just not feeling good about myself.

My 1st few months were amazing!  I lost weight and felt successful.  After just 2 months, I was down 25lbs., 2.4% body fat, 7” on my waist and 5” on my hips!  Andrew’s positive encouragement made me feel that I could do this and it was worth it! 

I have learned so much from all the trainers and our daily mini lessons.  Their positive approach toward life and physical fitness has changed my attitude on living a healthy lifestyle.

After 18months I am down 64 lbs., 13” at my waist and more than 10% body fat.  I enjoy being more active, flexible and stronger.  I continue to surprise myself with my new abilities.  Golfing and Kayaking are new favorites!

Thank you to all the trainers, especially Christine for introducing me to Jeremy,  Jeremy and Sarah for starting such an amazing place and Andrew for all the encouragement and patience.  I also want to thank my 4:15 classmates who gave me encouragement and inspiration.  Thank you!!

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