I LEARNED to LOVE myself!

transformation stories Jul 20, 2017

Shauna's Transformation:

My journey to health and fitness started in February 2016 after reaching out to inquire about what Tall Trainer was all about.  I had really given up on myself after being laid off from a job had I had for over 10 years, I convinced myself it was my fault and I was in a downward spiral of over eating and beating up myself.  I was sick and tired of not having a passion anymore and something need to change in my life and I was determined to take the bull by the horn and dive in to work on myself.  I had dubbed 2016 as the year of “Shauna”, no more fixing others, it was time for Shauna to focus on Shauna.  I had found Tall Trainer the year prior but wasn’t ready for something as scary as “boot camp”.  I tried some things in 2015 but with no real results or passion of what I was doing, hence zero results.  After speaking to Lori and how excited she was/is about boot camp, I decided to give it a go! 
Here I am over a year in and have lost almost 50 lbs.  I’m still wearing my old and way too big for me workout pants, I think because in a way I’m still hiding and now that I have lost inches I’m struggling with “exposing” Shauna.  That brings me to what my real struggle is, my inner ego or self-doubts, that voice in your head that tells you you’re not enough.  At the beginning in 2016 that voice was VERY LOUD and I knew it was something I had to address to be successful with my weight lose journey.  After taking many different kind of classes locally, joining yoga, meditation and Tall Trainer that voice is not as loud anymore.  The past year I have learned to love myself exactly how I am, even with the extra weight.  I’ve learned to forgive myself for the past, learned to embrace the present and look forward to the future.   I’m still a work in progress for sure, but aren’t we all?  I’m making better decisions on what I eat, what I buy at the grocery store and how I think.  Without a healthy mindset, I have set myself up for failure and it shows on the scale when I weigh in.  I’m off all processed foods, eating way more vegetables and off 2 medications.  I have passion again thanks to Tall Trainer’s kick in the butt!  I’ve found that Shauna is a pretty awesome chick, and I strive to shine bright every day! 
From the bottom of my heart I thank Tall Trainer for all their encouragement and tools to be successful in this journey!  A special thank you to the 4:15pm class and of course to Andrew!
“Some doors only open from the inside” – Max Strom

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