I kept telling myself over and over

transformation stories Feb 21, 2017

Meet Naomi!

Why did you start?
My clothes were getting tighter---still eating though.  Feelings of frustration – telling myself over and over – “You need to do something different – eat less – exercise – something!”  But I was still eating and clothes getting tighter.

I had an invitation to “Bring a Friend Day” at Talltrainer from my daughter-in-law.  After many “hems and haws” away I went.  August 2015 was a starting point and now a over a year has passed.
What have some of your results been?
Eating habits have changed because, first Andrew and then Jeremy shared the what’s, how’s and whys of eating – “Eating 101”.  Vegetables, fruits, proteins and water, water, and more water, became my focus.  Breads, sweets and processed foods have become foods not eaten frequently anymore.  Smaller portions and again more water have helped.  Eating fewer carbs has also helped.  Do I still have ice cream or an occasional piece of chocolate?  You bet I do, but I don’t have a huge bowl full of that delectable creamy goodness and I limit myself to one candy kiss instead of 10 or 12. (Or at least I try)
Eating habits are hard to change and I struggle with this every day.  Mindless eating is hard to conquer so I try to stock my cupboards and refrigerator with foods that I know are good for me to eat – mindlessly.  Eating less and eating right will always be a struggle for me, so I am thankful for the support I get at Tall trainer and from my husband, Gary.

 One would think that living on a farm would provide all the exercise needed to stay fit and healthy.  But, apparently, not enough – so Talltrainer has become part of my daily routine.  I have been taught and I continue to learn how to exercise correctly and its importance.  I have become stronger and will continue to get stronger as I continue to exercise.  I have learned that I am the one who controls my weight loss and strength training.  I can either go through the motions or push myself to where I did not think I could go.  Jeremy, Sarah, Lynn and Andrew, along with those I exercise with have been a great support team.  They care, they encourage and they push me to do my best!

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