I have learned strategies that will last a lifetime!

transformation stories Nov 17, 2016

I have been on this weight loss/gain/maintenance train since I was 15. My mother used to drive me to my Weight Watchers meetings until I got my driver’s license. Throughout the years I have literally gained and lost at least a ton of weight.   I actually kept the weight off for a few years at a time, then gained, then lost... etc. I have probably been on every “diet” throughout the years.  Fast forward to last fall.  My weight was the highest, even pregnancy weight high. I knew I needed to find an exercise program I enjoyed and find a way not to eat everything that was offered to me.

Tina (from the 6:20) class told me about her success and she also said she thought she was eating healthy before starting in Boot Camp.  I watched a few of the videos online and was impressed by a woman about my age who said the TTS (Tall Trainer System) incorporated 3 major components of weight loss success.  A fun and safe exercise program,  an online food logging program, and group support.  She totally nailed it.  
I’ve really changed since joining boot camp. I can’t believe how the texture of my hair has changed, it used to be so coarse.  It’s really soft!  I’m not as prone to outbreaks from skin allergies. I am more willing to take on challenges.  I kayaked into a headwind with 30 mph gusts and 3 foot waves!  I knew if I tipped I could physically hang on, I knew I was stronger because of boot camp. 
As I continue in my weight loss journey, I am confident this is the last time I will have to lose weight.  I’ve learned strategies that will last a lifetime.  I choose to go to restaurants with friends that appreciate healthy food choices and enjoy trying different foods.  I know I can join my friends for a 4 hour hike because I’ve lost the weight and I’m fit enough to climb the hills.  My wardrobe is now stocked with hiking pants, rain pants, rain jackets, warm jackets and sealskin socks to keep me active.  I'm struggling with when do I take my kayak holder off the car, we might have one more chance to paddle before winter.  I am looking forward to this winter with more hiking if no snow.  If we have lots of snow I can dust off my cross country skis and my snowshoes to keep me sane during the winter.
I’m so glad everyone at TT has chosen this as their career.  I am so grateful to each and every one of them for their support, knowledge, and enthusiasm.  I’m grateful they have been there for me when I have felt overwhelmed.  I’m very grateful to the other members in class.  I’m inspired by the other members.  This is awesome group of people that know this leads to the rewards of being healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

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