I could hardly walk up a flight of stairs..

transformation stories Sep 22, 2016

Meet the amazing Cindy!!!

Last October I could hardly walk up a flight of stairs without becoming short of breath.  I was tired and felt I was losing my edge at work.  I tend to eat in response to stress.  After back surgery, working full time while  getting my masters in nursing, and being the primary caretaker for my mother with Alzheimer’s I had gained a lot of weight –like 80 pounds!  As a Nurse practitioner I know too well the pain and suffering caused by inactivity and obesity. I see it every day.  I knew how important exercise and weight loss were for my health, but despite my best efforts I was not very successful at losing weight or exercising.   Although it was hard for me to admit, I needed help.  

In the past (many years ago) I was pretty good at showing up for exercise classes.   I was trying to find an exercise class that would fit into my schedule when a newsletter from the Tall Trainer arrived in the mail.  I wasn’t sure the fitness classes were for me -boot camp sounded a little scary.  I did a little more investigation on the Tall Trainer web site and learned that boot camp program seemed safe and doable, not extreme.   It took me more than a few weeks, but I finally decided to make the call.

Best decision ever!  What I found at Tall Trainer was a group of knowledgeable individuals who are truly committed to helping me achieve my goals.  The nutrition advice and on-line nutrition program are excellent.  You choose what you like to eat within healthy guidelines.  I have lost 70 pounds in nine months and have not felt hungry or deprived.  I am still surprised at how easy the weight loss has been.

When I first started I could not do all of the exercises, but was always given modified versions of the exercises that I could do. I never felt judged or out of place.  The members are welcoming and supportive.  Work outs are varied, fun, and effective.  The structure and accountability of the program really works for me.

I am amazed how much improvement I have seen in my strength, endurance and aerobic capacity.    I have more energy than I have had in many years.  I sleep better.   I feel sharper (the same exercises that are good for your heart are good for your brain).  I walked up four flights of stairs at work the other day while carrying on a conversation – and did not think twice about it!   I am doing things I only dreamed of doing last fall.  I completed a 5K race (ok, I mostly walked) and have signed up for a paddle board course.  It’s really fun to see someone I have not seen in a while.  I have changed so much that sometimes they don’t recognize me.

I almost forgot  to mention that in addition to creating an incredibly effective fitness  program, this talented group contributes to the community in many ways through monthly donations to families in need, food drives, and free workouts like boot camp work out in the park.

Andrew, Jeremy, Sarah, Lori, Lynn, and Christine, thank you so much for your guidance, encouragement and support.  I could not have done it without you!

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