You name it, I've tried it!

transformation stories Dec 21, 2016

I’ve struggled with weight since my late 30’s.  Weight Watchers, step aerobics, Curves, Atkins.  You name it, I tried it.  My weight has gone up and down a hundred times. 

The last years of my working career were hectic.  I traveled for 18 months where lunch was provided and dinner every night was in a restaurant.  When the traveling stopped, I worked on stress filled projects more hours a week than anyone should work.  My last 2 years were filled with 80+ hour weeks, working lunches with food brought in, “I deserve chocolate” afternoon treats, late nights snacking at my desk. 

When I retired two years ago, I “vowed” to lose the weight that had packed on.  I joined a gym and went every day.  For a few months.  I lost 6 pounds.  Then a relative was given a life threatening diagnosis.  I spent the next year helping her.  No more time for exercise and a lot of sitting around.  I was emotionally and physically drained. 

By this time it was October 2015.  The holidays were coming and I knew that meant more pounds.   Then I saw a Facebook post from a friend.  I had certainly noticed that she had lost weight and looked awesome.  I didn’t, however, know how she did it.  I talked to her and called Tall Trainer.  I was too late for the November class but signed up for December. 

I didn’t gain my normal 5 pounds of holiday excess, I lost 6 pounds!  I was amazed.  During, the last day of class in December, one of the other ladies said how “magical” it was at Tall Trainer.  I wasn’t sure what she meant.  Seven months later, I know.  The comradery is beyond belief.  We encourage each other, laugh, sweat together and are the biggest bunch of “losers” I know.  I am stronger than I ever thought I would/could be at this age and am looking to keep going and get even stronger.  I never knew I’d look forward to pushing the sled, doing planks and lifting weights.  I call the exercises “Jeremy’s book of torture” but it’s truly “Jeremy’s book of magic”.  I hate getting up in the morning but I never don’t want to go to Tall Trainer.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank Jeremy, Andrew, Sarah, Lynn, Christine, Lori and all the members of the 7:45 class.  You have changed my life.

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