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Holiday Game Plan

Uncategorized Nov 17, 2022

The holidays are such a magical time.  But they are also stressful, tiring, and sometimes reminders of how things aren’t quite like a hallmark movie. 

Food has become such a huge part of these special celebrations and in combination with the chronic stress of life most of us find ourselves taking in more food than our body is ready to handle.  Almost every weekend and work day brings on a special treat in our face and it is hard to say “no thank you” without a plan in place.  We accidentally slip into 10 pounds without much thought or even without a “binge”.

Thanksgiving Day and Christmas day themselves don’t derail you from your goals.  2 days of eating to your hearts content will not mess you up long term.  It really is ALL the days in between.  6 weeks of extra food does add on to some pounds.  Even taking on marathon training won’t compensate.

We are not into promoting depriving yourself.  We are ALL for enjoying food!  Our plates will be full on Thanksgiving Day.  My mouth will have cookies in it more than once.  THIS IS OK! 

BUT....I also hate feeling stuffed to the point of my pants need to be unbuttoned.  I hate the feeling of loss of control around food and just shoving it in.  Sometimes those 2 actual days set you up for the rest of the time being all willy nilly.  The mindset of I “blew it” becomes weeks of blowing it.  But what is really blowing it? 

Here is where a plan will come in handy.  Because if you win that day, then you won’t feel so out of control the rest of the time.  You won’t feel like your NO button is broken.  Willpower is not even close to being able to set you up to win with all that is coming our way But a plan in place WILL help.

I don’t think your plan has to be anything extraordinary It should include enjoying food.  It should be something you believe you can achieve.  It should include grace if you fumble on one thing.  Heck your plan could be "don’t gain more than 2 pounds, instead of 10".  Folks, that is a win. 

Here are some things that could be included in your plan.  These are what work for me.  Some are basic and we all could incorporate.  Some you will have to do some thinking on what works for you.  You have to take an active role in this and not want someone to do it for you.  YOU HAVE TO WANT IT!


My November /December Plan:


Keep my workout schedule consistent even though life may be busier.  Move 5 days a week. (if you don't have this in place -we can help -Next session starts Monday November 28th)

Track my water intake.  It’s colder now and I have to be more intentional about getting enough water. 

Bake cookies with the girls 1-2 times.  (not excessively trying to relive my childhood)

Keep the extra treats for when we are visiting places and at home healthier.

Focus more on experiences than the food.

Focus on connection and relationship.

My plan for “game” day (Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations)

Get a good sweaty workout in that morning or the day before and have one planned for the day after.  Not as punishment or to earn my food, but just because I feel mentally better doing it.

Write on my wrist the word CONNECT – this is a reminder that this time is about being with family and friends and not gorging myself.

Have questions and games on hand to help me interact. I can be such an awkward introvert, I need a plan or who knows what will come out of my mouth.  (we have some “big talk” cards left at the studio for $10 if you need help in this area)

Wear pants that fit, comfortable but will queue me when it’s time to stop. 

Play with the youngsters -they are more about playing and not eating typically.

Take our dog outside and walk around with her. 

Stick to meat and veggies for the meal and have my top 2 favorites.  Have a good amount of my favorites but not so it hurts.  Sit down and savor the bites, put my fork down between and be present in the moment of the food.  What memories does it bring back?  Is it really as good as I was thinking or can I stop?  At what bite does the taste start to change to not as good? 

Help clean up the kitchen while being grateful for the great food we just had.  No extra bites taken. 

Make a cup of tea or decaf coffee to sip on after the meal and GET OUT OF DODGE.  Stay away from the food lingering out.  Claim that I am at DONESVILLE and any more would not be enjoyable. 

HAVE A REWARD PLANNED for when you achieve this goal.  Gift card to your favorite store, massage. Whatever tickles your fancy.  Personally, I am saving for a cowhide rug :P

What is your game plan?  How are you going to head into 2023 feeling healthier and readier to tackle the year ahead?  


email me [email protected] with your game plan.  Typing it out and knowing someone else has seen it can help solidify your plan.



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