Food made everything good ...for a moment

transformation stories Mar 20, 2018

For as long as I can remember I have been overweight. For as long as I remember I have struggled to lose that weight. I dealt with many sad experiences as a child and into my adult years. My diet was a straight line for more serious issues. More than I already had. I started taking all kinds of prescriptions that usually cause obesity. I used to joke that those pills were my breakfast. Food comforted me. Food made everything good again. For a moment.  

I had tried EVERY diet you could think of. It was finally suggested (BY MY DR.) that I was a good candidate for gastric bypass. It was a decision I did not take lightly and pondered it for quite some time. Finally, for my son and the sake of my health I gave in. It was difficult and don’t think it was cheating at all. I desperately need help. I was headed for some serious, serious issues. I lost some weight from the surgery but then hit a brick wall. It wasn’t enough and started to have back problems. I had back surgery and eventually was living my life around my pain. I wanted my life back.

Fast forward to Jeremy Biernat. The man who changed my life in 10 minutes after a seminar I attended by him. He “introduced” to a foam roller. The man held my ankles while I was rolling on the sides of my thighs down to my knees. PAINFUL! I thought this guy is torturing me!! He would not release me from that roller. I thought no way am I joining up to do this boot camp. 10 minutes later I walked out that door with NO PAIN, tears, running down my face and a little hope in my heart that this may work after all.

Enter Andrew Biernat. I started one on one with him two years ago because I was too ashamed of and lacked the confidence to attend a group boot camp. I worked with Andrew for about three months alone. He not only taught me how to exercise the proper way, he was there for me emotional and mentally too. He worked with me on my confidence, to be positive and so, so much more. It was an experience that was by no means easy. Andrew always knew what to say and do to get me thru a workout. Andrew always greeted me with a smile, hug, and just down right happy craziness. (that’s a good thing). The man is seriously awesome at his job and did not give up on me (when he actually should have). I boldly asked him if I was going into a class that he NOT give up on me. I needed his help and know that I could count on someone to get me where I wanted to be. He promised not to give up just before I joined a class. I’ve had hard days but he is always there with the right words and encouragement and has not given up on me.

If you had asked me if I liked to exercise before this I would have laughed so hard and thought “Are you crazy?” Who likes exercise. Well almost 2 years later “I DO!” Andrew, Jeremy, And Sarah are truly amazing people that I believe have actually saved my life and let me live again. I have those bad days (we all do) and now know it is normal. I know more about how my body works, what is nutritionally good for me and have been given so many tools you can’t help but succeed. And I did. I think the body is amazing and think I chose the wrong career! I am just fascinated by everything about the body and how it works. I did not think I would be where I am today without Tall Trainer and my three boot camp angles. NEVER thought I could lose the weight I have in a million years. It took many long hard days but I finally found the right place for me.  

When I met my weight goal and as soon as I stepped off the scale, I set new ones. I’m not done yet and never will be. I’ve have come to realize It’s a life journey and I will continue to work hard to better my health for ME! The scale is “only a number.” And it is because you have to continue even though you met goal.

Thank you Tall Trainer. You are all beyond awesome and love each one of you for your knowledge, encouragement and patience for not giving up on me(Andrew). Jeremy that 1st night will forever be engraved in my head! I am almost afraid when I see you are working at our class. I have flash backs to that night. Hahah LOL!

Next phase please......... Bring it on! I’ve got this!!

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