Food Drive Results! - 2023

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2023

Every year we run a food drive around this time of the year.  It's a lower resource time for food pantries so we try to help out.  We make it a little fun by weighing the food in and keeping score.  I am blown away by the generosity if our groups and impressed with their competitiveness.  

We beat last years total of 3,622 pounds with a new Tall Trainer World Record 4,667!!!! over 1,000 pounds over last year!  That's a huge amount of food for the number of people it's nearly 40 pounds donated per person!  Here's about 1/2 of my heros!  (the others didn't make it for the photo)

5:10 class lead the way for awhile with team captain Kay who out did herself this year!  She had SOOO much fun!  5:10 broke the single class donation record with 1,220.6 pounds!  Then the 9 am class pulled ahead on the last day with the new record of 1,356.2 pounds donated by a single class.  We even had Susan stop by all dressed up even though she couldn't make class that day and dropped the final amount that brought us to 1,000 pounds more than last year.  The competitiveness is fun and helps us with the main benefit of helping as many people as possible.  

I was overwhelmed by the generosity of resources and time!  Here's some of the vehicle loading.  That went faster than ever with all that help!  Thank you all!

Whether you brought in 100 pounds or 1 pound of food it is super appreciated.  We split the food between 2 food pantries (even though there are many more smaller pantries too).  Victor Farmington Food Pantry on 96 across from auction direct.  And Canandaigua Churches in Action Food Pantry 120 North Main Street.  

While dropping off the food I took a quick video of CCIA Food Pantry.  (Victor Farmington Cupboard is even larger.)  

They see 250 individuals/families per month 30 NEW (never been to a pantry before each month).  

If you are looking for a way to serve.  You feel blessed and fortunate and would like to bless others, please get involved with these organizations!

A million thank you to our clients and friends who we are lucky to be around.  It feels great to be a part of a great group like this!


The Tall Trainer Team,

Jeremy, Sarah, Justin, Amanda, Lauren


P.S. God please help this food to reach people who need it.  Help it to provide encouragement and energy to those who need a boost.  Help it to fuel them to continue in persevering and getting themselves in a better place.  Help them see your care by how your kids care for them.  Thank you for making giving to others feel so good for us too.  Thank you for the millions of blessings we take for granted and help moments like this allow us to realize how blessed we are and find more contentment in that.  Amen.  

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