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Fell into a slump...

transformation stories Jun 14, 2021


I’ve always been a thin female usually around 135# until I hit my late 30’s early 40’s where no matter I couldn’t get below 145. I joined Feb 9, 2021 with a weight loss goal of 45# just to be at 145 again. I am just .6 shy of that goal.

I have always enjoyed working out mainly because of stress and I LOVE food and certain beverages. Though I have an elliptical and a treadmill I found having the support through classes at gyms were indeed needed.

When I came to TT I had gained a good 45# prior. It was the combination of divorce and Covid that lead me to fall into a slump. However, when I reached 175# I started walking 8-10 miles a day but didn't change any other habits such as my increased drinking, grazing throughout the day or being active any other time.

My knees? Lol think you mean needs. With the weight gain over the past 2 years I noticed I was having leakage issues. So bad to the point I am having surgery to correct what gravity and weight gain have done. Though admittedly, I have less episodes since weight loss.

My boyfriends dad passed away on 1/26/2021 and I had become close to Maggie (his mom) over the past year. I did what I could to comfort, help and encourage her throughout the last months of Jim's life.

Maggie mentioned how her and Jim were a part of TT a couple years prior and how much they loved it. They both enjoyed the feel of community, the pray before each class and the lesson at the end. Very shortly after Jim passed we decided joining would benefit us both both mentally and spiritually. I really NEEDED to shed some pounds as I was closing into 192#. I was miserable.

My results have been big and steady. My strength and endurance has increased substantially. I too, really enjoy everyone in my class. The support, encouragement and love from my trainers and classmates (and you) gives me such a sense of family and sense of community.

I’ve had a tremendous amount of stress, all over again since the end of March so I push myself hard in hopes to balance out my stress and anxiety. Alongside the working out portion I feel like my changes also are due to being strict and eating 2 pounds of veggies a day! I truly believe all of the vegetables help to digest all the yummy foods that I refuse to cut out. I still enjoy pizza, wings, chips, dips. Everything. Those, in moderation when I can control myself that is! Lol but ALWAYS, EVERYDAY…2 pounds of veggies!!



45pounds gone, 9% body fat and 11 inches at the waist! 


P.S. We are truly blessed to have the honor of serving you!


Our next boot camp session starts Monday July 5th. If you would like more information email [email protected] or call 585-260-4235

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