Biggest Mistakes In Weight Loss (FREE SEMINAR DOWNLOAD)

Big Fat Lie

The most common lie about Fat and Muscle in the fitness industry.

I hear this one so often I get angry that people are being lied to so regularly and I am embarrassed to be in an industry that still does this. 


Please watch the video below.  You'll be able to hear my tone as I explain this. 


I'm telling you this now because I came across a video selling some fitness program online.  It was by some Doctor who helped some of the Marvel characters get in great shape.  "Supposedly", I don't trust a word he said now.  His first two sentences were straight up lies!  I guess it was sentence two that was the biggest part of the lie. 


At Least watch 15 seconds of the video to see what I'm talking about. 

(I'll talk to you through there!  The visuals are worth it.)


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