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I have a long and dark story in my journey to living a healthy life.  At age 14, I was a raging anorexic that then turned into every eating disorder in the book.  In true Sarah fashion, I was diagnosed with an “extreme” case of anorexia and bulimia.  I wished to die back then, rather than live my life with the total despair I felt.  By the grace of God, A LOT of counseling and everyday angels, I found a light at the end of the tunnel.  I learned to live with HOPE and to be OK with the beautiful mess that life is.  The 15-year journey has given me a passion to free people from obsession with food and pure disgust in oneself.


I am a Personal Trainer, I have my Bachelors in Health and Wellness Management and am a Registered Nurse.  ~ Spent 7 years in the ED and now sub in the Bloomfield School District (those kiddos are cute~ even the high schoolers)


I was never an athlete, so I have enjoyed working hard to be strong and fast in my adult years.   I am one of those few who actually LIKE to exercise. I have a love/hate relationship with running and dream of beating my race times in my 40s!


My biggest blessings are my Husband, daughters (Anna Grace and Hope Emmaline) and our silly golden retriever Stella.  I would have 47 goldens if they didn’t shed but they do so we will stick to one, maybe 2 someday :)


I am actually living “little Sarah’s” dream.  Around 5 years old I knew I wanted to be married, have a daughter named Anna and live in a log cabin.  I was hopeful for the 1st two but said my cabin would be waiting for me in heaven someday.  In 2017, by God’s great handy work, we moved into a log cabin. I still pinch myself and give a wink to God giving Him thanks!


I love to Hike, Kayak, jump into fresh bodies of water, do crafty things, decorate and READ. 


Reading, prayer, journaling and goal setting are KEY to my morning routine and If I don’t get those few moments most days a week~ WATCH OUT, it ain’t pretty.


I like to call my style sporty-homeless :)


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