10 pound weight loss in one month.  It's not easy but it's possible and we will help you!

When people join our program and go all in they often lose 10 pounds in their first month.  We've made a program to help people focus in to get even better results more often!  We have found most people need a little higher pressure and a time limit to perform their best.  If you need a kick start I can't imagine a better one!

  • Workouts Planned and Explained in Detail for You
  • Nutrition Detailed to the Gram and Ounce
  • You will know exactly how to win and we'll be there every step of the way.  


This isn't cheap and it certainly isn't FREE.  We are going to work hard to make something great for you.  

We are discounting many of the costs to make it affordable.  

If it's too much money, I'm guessing it will be too much effort for those people too.  

At any rate, we only have a few spots for this because we want to make sure people succeed.  

We want to help those who value their health more than a couple dollars that most of us have spent on way more useless items.  

If that's you...sign-up below

On Your Own



  • Frustration and confusion (most people get caught here)
  • Low Commitment Level (success for 3 days then lapse)
  • Procrastination (I'll do it later = 10 years?)
  • Occasional success at weight loss (but with metabolism damage that make it come back and harder to lose)
  • Ok sometimes it's not this hopeless but this is where we find most people.

Online Only



  • Nothing from On Your Own :o)
  • Daily Messages, Tips, Tricks, and Advice ($31 Value)
  • Personal Trainer Access ($99 Value)
  • Clear 31 Day Workout Schedule ($50 Value)
  • 20 + Follow Along Workout Videos Available to you for YEARS ($99 Value)
  • Clear Path to lose 10 pounds in a month (Peace of Mind)
  • Nutrition Trouble Shooting (Priceless when you are stuck!)
  • Online Peer Support (Peer Pressure of the Weight Loss Kind!)
  • We'll even Give you a $25 Amazon Gift Card as incentive if you Hit the 10 Pounds!
  • Only 20 Spots Left

In Person



  • Everything from Online Only +
  • Up to 24 in-person workouts available ($480 Value)
  • Full Assessment with Measurements and Final Report ($99 Value)
  • More help support and interaction possibilities daily (Priceless)
  • Only 10 Spots Left


10 Pound Month Program!


10 Pound Month Program!

We stand behind the work that we do with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  If you finish this program and are not impressed with the value you gain you can get your money back.  It's that simple.  

Now there's nothing to lose except that 10 pounds!