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A Motivating...


And Fun...

Way to start the NEW YEAR!!!

Last year we did a challenge and it was a blast!  So we've made it better!

We know most people are just a tiny boost away from having an awesome and healthy year!  

Is that you?

2023 Stop Waiting and Transform Challenge

January 16th - February 18th

5-weeks of Workouts, Nutrition, Calls, Support

Oh...And Prizes!

5-weeks of consistent exercise and decent eating can get you:

5 - 15 Pounds Lost

1 - 3 Pant Sizes Smaller

More Energy (like Double!)

Less Aches and Pains

Huge Mental Boost!

These Workouts are designed to transform your body by combining the right amounts of Strength Training, Cardio, and Mobility.  Our end goal is that we help people feel younger and can live their life on their terms.  



"The results have been fantastic.  I lost 28 pounds in three months, 5% body fat, 6 inches off my chest, 5 inches off my waist and hips and I am now off ALL my medications.  But, the biggest change is how much better I am mentally."


"I lost 35 pounds and am at my healthy weight.  I am strong and am still testing the limits of my 51-year-old body.  The people at Tall Trainer have literally changed my life.  Yes, the nutrition lessons and exercise are critical, but it’s the support of like-minded people that has been life changing for me."  


"Over the past 9 months I have lost 55 pounds and inches all over my body and an amazing amount of fat. I’ve had to go through my closet twice to remove the oversized clothing – a great feeling!  I’ve gained strength, balance and energy!" 

A Couple Things That Make This Program so Effective...

Top Trainers

Your lead trainer has 20 years experience working with thousands of people like you!  (definitely not part-time or hobby level help)

Clear Nutrition Plan

That allows for REAL LIFE to happen.  No you don't get to eat whatever you want...but you will sometimes!

Fun Effective Workouts

Quality, Entertaining, Challenging.  Can be done at any fitness level.  Can be customized to you!

What’s Included in this Challenge?

  • Access to 200+ awesome unique online workouts ($99 value but took 500 or more hours to make!  At $15 per hour it cost $7,500 to make!)
  • Better than that is a day-by-day plan of what workouts to do ($99 Value)
  • (plan can be adjusted to fit you best)
  • 4 Coaching Calls ($99 Value)
  • Nutrition Resources ($149 Value)
  • Online Nutrition Journal Access ($29 Value)
  • Our Dealing with and Overcoming Injuries Series ($250 Value)
  • 20+ hours of recorded seminars ($500)
  • Email and Phone access to expert trainers ($99 Value)
  • Discount on cool Exercise Accountability Device ($80 off)
  • On-going access to community and My Zone App after Challenge ($99 Value)
  • Drawing Possible Prize at the LIVE ZOOM AWARDS CEREMONY
    • $500 Cash Drawing
    • $250 for Top Points
    • Restaurant Gift Certificates
    • Trucker Hats
    • Exercise Gear
    • And many more..we usually come up with twice and many prizes by the time the challenge ends!  We want dozens and dozens of winners!
    • We might add a team challenge for the final 3-weeks!
  • Guaranteed Super Soft T-Shirt for Completing 4000 points ($25 Value)


If I’m reading this list right that’s near $2,000.00 in Value!



Of course we aren’t charging anywhere near that.  I could see this going for $500 but I know that’s out of reach to way too many people.  So we are going to make it…




You will need to buy the My Zone Belt if you do not have one already.  We've got a discount code for $80 off.  Making the belt/watch only $79+shipping.   

I’m excited to be able to offer such an amazing deal.  It’ll be (and already has been) some good work but for a great purpose…YOU! 


IF you need a boost emotionally into the year…Do it!

IF you need to see some improvement in your health…Do it!

IF you need something to do this winter…Do it!

IF you need direction to know what to do…Do it!

IF you need some expert help because nothings working…Do it!

IF you just want to have some fun and stay in great shape…Do it also!


Ok, enough chatting.  It’s time for you to take the critical action step that starts an awesome year for you!   (sign-up!)

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My family and I thank you for even considering this program.  We know you have many options when it comes to programs to try this New Years.  Thank you for considering a small and dedicated company like us.  YOU are why we do this work and our girls are too!  (Look at little Hope!  just too cute!).  We will bust our butts to help you succeed...between you and them we have all the reasons we need to work hard!!!

God Bless and Hope to see you soon!

- Jeremy and Sarah Biernat

Owners Tall Trainer Fitness


To Join in the fun and have a great start to the year with us!

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