Like starting with cardio and calorie restriction!

Worst way to start!

presented by: Jeremy "tall trainer" Biernat


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in Exercise, Health, Body Shaping, and Nutrition that keep messing people up!

presented by: Jeremy "tall trainer" Biernat


Available FREE for a Limited Time

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As a fitness professional it is extremely frustrating to watch so many people get tricked into Dead Ends.  

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**I was able to record it in pretty good quality, those who it is!


Just a Couple of the Mistakes...

  • People are doing the wrong workouts.  Sweating like Gorillas and moving FARTHER from their goals!
  • Forcing themselves through deprivation eating patterns that leave them hungry AND heavier!
  • Being fed baloney on how the body really gets healthier and lighter!
  • Risking injury instead of feeling younger, looser, and more injury resistant.

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